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Monday, October 17, 2016


Ladies and gentleman, introducing 'your' feet. I just wanted to shift gears and address the hygiene of ...the feet. Yes. The feet. I 'm always giving out training and stretching advice, yet, I didn't want to talk about that stuff today. When I was getting out of the shower yesterday, and I began my post shower ritual of feet maintenance, I was contemplating what to blog about. Boom! Now before you go off and call me a diva or metro-sexual let me explain: Feet are sensitive and are prone to not only structural(ligament, tendon and bone) wear and tear, but skin wear and tear. So I thought I'd share my strategy on taking better care of your 'dogs'!:

  • TEA TREE OIL: this has several other herbal oils in it that provide anti-fungal properties. Great for preventing toe fungus and athletes foot. I use after every shower. Works great!
  • SPT PAIN RELIEF: This is an 'outlier' and has NOTHING to do with foot maintenance. However, anyone involved in sports, or weight training should have this. In my, almost 3 decades in the treatment, prevention and management of sport related injuries SPT hs proven to be  the most effective topical for acute and chronic 'itis'es ie. tendonitis, joint capsulitis , and bursitis I've come across, and there have been many. But the results are quite impressive, so impressive I had to share it with you!
  • CALLOUS CREAM & FILE: after a shower or bath I file my hard callouses,( which can get uncomfortable and at times form blisters) then apply cream. Magical!
  • NAIL CLIPPERS: self explanatory, but if you clip the big toe nail to short you risk getting   'paronychia' which is the inflammation of the cuticle where the nail grows into the cuticle. Ouch! Sometimes this has to be treated with antibiotics.
That's it. Hope you found these feet tips helpful!

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