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Friday, July 1, 2016

"DUDE look like a lady"
Ladies! worried about getting 'bulky' from weight training? That's so 80's!

I don't wanna look all bulky and s#$t"' I hear ya mam!' Most women are afraid of weight training because of the fear of looking 'dude' like: bulky or muscular. Well, that can happen if you are not properly trained. This became more prominent 'side effect' with Crossfit-mania.;the initiation of Olympic lifts created the classic 'girth' look of a powerlifter for most females.

I am here to tell you that in order to avoid that is to reduce the reliance on compound movements like those Olympic lifts that can cause that undesired look of bulky. Weigh training is an excellent method for creating a lean physique. Muscle is metabolically active when we are just sitting! So it is imperative to gain some muscle and you can do that without jeopardizing the feminine physique. 

Training should comprise multiple training environments that engage all 3 planes of motion. Those motions can be created with medicine matrixes, kettlebell series, sports performance drills involving agility(see 'BreathTakrz), anaerobic/metabolic circuits, holistic sets, boxing combine with resistance training etc I mean the list is endless. The point I am making is engage all movement that involves, lifting, throwing, jumping,running, timed circuits,pulling, flipping,...and I promise you you will not look BULKY, but fit with a hint of muscularity without sacrificing the physical features that enhance the feminine physique.

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