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Friday, April 29, 2016

My good friend and I.T./SEO  guro suggested I do this blog about training myths. Good idea. After that I perused my blog archives for inspiration and came across a light but important blog about getting started. That comes after the 'myths'. I hope it inspires and keeps you on track.
Lets just get right to it on 'Myth's.......
  • "Turn fat into muscle".Uhhh. Have you seen muscle and fat? Together? Side by side? If you have then you know they are two very different biological tissues! Just the drastic difference in color, texture and characteristics are dead give aways!  So no! You can't 'turn' muscle into fat no more than you can turn an apple into an orange by putting it in a bag of oranges. Ok not the best example but you get it.
  • "Aerobics is so important if you want to lose weight". I remember when aerobics was H U G H E in the 70's:Burn fat and  move for 1 hour to Jane Fonda. Into the 90's researchers discovered that aerobics was only part of weight loss. The real key to weight loss was weight training. However, weight training was not popular with women because they thought they would get 'bulky' (damn! hate that word). Not true. Muscle is far more metabolically active than fat. So even if you are just sitting, your muscle will burn the free fatty acids floating
    around the blood stream. If the muscle is NOT active guess, just guess, where that fat goes?  After an hour of well supervised training and conditioning, muscle will continue to burn calories 30-45 minutes AFTER you stop training! Aerobics impact last as long as the class! So ladies and men, don't gain weight but pick some up and do a few reps and sets!
  • " I don't wanna get all bulky and stuff" This is usually the lament of the sedentary population. Usually by women but some men who don't want to gain a lot of muscle. This thought process was inspired by the sport of bodybuilding;especially female bodybuilding. But the truth is, unless you are in the gym doing complicated lifting regiments you need not fear of this notion of getting bulk or over musclized( a word?I likes. it stays). Besides having muscle is important to prevent sarcopenia which is loss of muscle and that can begin to occur after 4 decades of living. This can lead to osteoporosis and weight gain. So don't be concerned about looking competition ready for your first bodybuilding show! Remember, muscle  is a great way to keep fat gain down!!
  • "I know how to lift because of muscle memory" This is like a person responding to a question like this, 'me, myself, personally'. Makes me cringe. Muscle does NOT have a brain. Our brain processes a technique. Recalls that technique. Muscle does it. That's it. Now we call that an engram(never forget how to ride a bike, swim, throw, catch etc) and it takes many repetitions to learn a task well. If you read OUTLIERS by Gladwell (great read) it can take up to 10,000 hours to perfect a certain level of superb proficiency. If you still not wrapping your head
    around the muscle memory thing then ask any person who has suffered a paralysis or stroke 'why can't their muscle remember how to move?' I know you like 'Whoa, Skip! kinda harsh!' No. Just truthful. I have worked with many stroke and spinal cord injuries during my clinical years. If that muscle had 'memory' then it should move but it rely s on the complexity of the central nervous system to do so. NOT muscle. Muscle is innervated by impulses that are provided by nerve endings, however there are NO areas for the muscle to 'catalogue' a movement pattern. And if you been following the NFL and concussions then you can see the damage that can potentially suspend muscle function. Did'nt mean to sound like a buzz kill. Just doing my duty to school ya! 
  • "I need a trainer to motivate me". Well. I really want this to be true. It just isn't! We have two driver or motivations that inspire us: Intrinsic motivations "I really wanna do better, be better..." or some other mantra that keeps you going 'for it'. Then you have Extrinsic motivation: "I need a trainer to motivate me" "If I by a treadmill I will use it" "If I had a piano I will start taking piano lesson" People, you gotta wanna put the time in to get the results you want! Plain and simple. You
    don't need Crossfit, P90X etc. You need an intrinsic motivator that will make it worth your while to feel better and improve your quality of life. So if you're sick and tired of being sick and tired....Training and health is an inside job. You get that, the rest is easy.Promise. 
Well that was fun, but enough. Check out my blog below from circa 2010. 
This has some good stuff in it to start or keep you on track! 

  • COMMIT. COMMIT NOW!: Look. We all think we can start and stop when we feel like it because there is zero accountability! So our commitment is tenuous at best. A true formula for failure. We break promises to others but it is absolutely a heinous act when you break a promise to yourself....Jeez!! And you can see where that has gotten you.
  • DON'T BUY EQUIPMENT! Ah yes the classic psychology of 'if I buy it I will do IT' No you won't! At least not for long. It's the biggest 'head fake' you can do to yourself. So this is what you do:  Use somebody else's treadmill! Gyms all over the country love offering deals this time of year because they hedge that you won't last long.  Join up and stay for 3 months (see #1!). And not only will you set a new precedent for not letting yourself down but you'll look good too!
  • QUIT STARVING!: The biggest fallacy in weight loss is "Dude. Just start eating nuts and 5 hour energy, you'll be ripped!' Oh Really? This is the stupidest advice. The opposite is true. Eat more.. healthier foods! A large part of weight loss is eating. Unfortunately, there is so much erroneous information out there, it is easy to get confused. Hire a registered dietitian, RD for short. NOT A PERSONAL TRAINER WITH A SPORT NUTRITION CERTIFICATE! A RD has a background that far surpasses a week long course! RD'S spend countless clinical hours working with all sorts of populations. Some of those populations have sophisticated and complicated health histories. Don't rely on limited education here. You would not go to a dentist that took a 3 day dentistry course. This is your health we're talking about! Invest in a team of health professionals. 
  • I'M TELL'N!! Trust me. You will 'mess up' but relax. Its built in. You have been conditioned to eat when you 'think' your are hungry. Those olfactory cells will fail us every time. Olfactory [smell] is closely related to memory. And those memories of eating fried chicken, mac and cheese, apple pie and stuff. Whew!!....Anyway what I'm getting at is give in to those cravings. Yes. But be grown up about it! If you know you can eat 6 pieces of pizza, try 3 with a small salad. Salad will help decrease the cravings and you may not even make it to the third slice!
  • YOUR FRIENDS WILL LET YOU DOWN: Ok. Friends mean well. But if they are used to seeing you do something and not see it through, well....Keep your goals and intentions to yourself unless you are with others that are on the same path. This is what a real training partner is for: support when you having 'one of those days' cuz you gonna have'em!
  • YOU GOT ISSUES!: My wife is great at this stuff. She is a RD. She calls those moments when people eat and are not hungry: 'Triggers' We all got'em. And you KNOW  what yours is! Don't lie! Weight gain is a behavior issue. If you don't believe me watch any reality show with people struggling with weight problems. Happiness is an inside job!
  • AEROBICS IS DEAD!!: Straight to the point on this one. You have to gain muscle to keep fat off as well as managing eating. Aerobics alone will NOT WORK! Anaerobic training: circuit training, sprints, progressive weight training, medicine ball work, kettle bell etc. is the KEY! Women are notorious at staying away from weights because they think it will make them bulky. Biggest impediment to keeping weight off for men and women is not adding a progressive resistance training program to your fitness regiment.
  • DON'T BUY IT IF YOU LIKE IT!: I love Amish Farm licorice. The red flavor of course. The finest tasting licorice in the whole universe. I have been know to eat a whole bag of these twisted sticks of I don't buy them. I also have been know to devour Hagen das Swiss almond in one fell swoop. A spectacle to see. So I don't buy it. You see what I'm getting at? To tell yourself you can 'regulate' your weakness is the same mentality that got you tipping the scales at 20# overweight IN THE FIRST PLACE......Focus, man focus! 
  • IT WILL NOT BE FUN: I hate when they show commercials of these real chiseled bodies in fitness/supplement commercials all smiling and shit as if its a piece of cake. It's not! Body change takes work. Don't believe the hype of fast weight loss. Biggest Loser is the biggest distraction for the public because the circumstances are NOT real life. These people are sequestered for 3 months with trainers, RD's, and sociologists. So when you here they lost 80lbs in 2 months that is under very unique conditions. Conditions that most of our economics don't allow. Our clients lose that and then some within 3-5  months and more afterwards which is more realistic.
  • THERE'S A REASON ITS CALLED COMMENCEMENT: Three days before high school graduation, my Psychology teacher, Mr. McRae, made a most profound statement to the entire class: "Commencement means to start or begin." Then he paused for effect then finished with "your lives will never be the same after graduation as you 'begin' a new life".  So as you renew your 'vow' to get better, look better and feel better remember its JUST  the beginning!...

Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired
-Jules Renard

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