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Sunday, October 25, 2015

 (This is a piece done back in 2012 on the topic of HIT: High Intensity Training. An aggressive training method used for years in body building circles.

H.I.T.!!! ME
what it is and why you should do it
 Years ago  a company in Ohio was making heavy duty equipment called Hammer.  The pieces were biomechanically correct and felt great to work on.Then they published a news letter called H.I.T. , high intensity training:highlighting the advantages of intense workouts with heavy weight and small rep ranges
Recently this term has resurfaced as if it is a new concept. And as always, HERE I GO......

 It  has  well been researched and established that you can improve strength and size in few reps, but each rep must contain a poundage that maximizes muscle recruitment i.e. fast twitch fiber. For example when you see our MaxRep videos, you will see radical jumps in poundage for a small range of 1-3 reps for 4 sets. All sets increasing per ability. CAUTION: HIT is not for the uninitiated. Do not attempt if you are a beginner. Effective yes. Uncomfortable: Yes. Intense: yes. New: NO!

Muscle strength and size has always been achieved by implementing a broad spectrum of lifting technique:forced reps, fast eccentrics, drop set/reverse drop set[BSI format], etc. This would also include proper training cycles. So for those of you who are looking to increase muscle density, remembe the basics. There are so many training programs that you can miss the basics. A great example is the  ENCYCLOPEDIA OF BODYBUILDING by Arnold. This 'tome' is still in print! And who can't forget Jack Lalane . Jack was a beast in his day. Incredible symmetry and metabolic prowess that still rivals any tri-athlete today! I mean this man could pull row boats (2-5 at one time )filled with people-through the English Channel!!

So train hard. Period. Pick a month where you can execute maximum weight, 1-3 reps for 4 sets. This is a good time to have a training partner whose intensity matches or exceeds yours. The feeling after this very intense but short session will give you a serious muscle pump which is missing in so many 'just add water and stir' training programs! This form of training can pack on muscle and reduce fat more efficiently than just doing group classes. You must treat your training like investments: DIVERSIFY...your training scope and intensity!

"Muscle pump is better than an orgasm"
famous line from 'Pumping Iron', starring Arnold