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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

BODY SPECS Never Sleeps!
It complicated, but we make it look easy.
Taking a moment to 'pat ourselves on the back'

Day in and day out at the training mecca, BODY SPECS  we train a variety of clients. ALL sessions are customized;not many training facilities are as adept as we are at doing this.( I know because I have done workshops at these facilities!) We put pressure on ourselves to deliver a uniqueness to your training experience for EVERYONE that crosses that BSI threshold.

We have an amalgamation of athletes, wanna be athletes, junior athletes, non-athletes, injured and don't wanna get injured. And when the facility is 'buzzing'(y'all know what I mean) I swell with enthusiasm and pride at how well our staff manages ALL of you! Where will you find a facility where you may have TWO trainers to provide and ensure that you are executing proper form to not only reduce injury , but to optimize the technique for the results it is designed for?:  Not many. Its almost the classic '2fer'! My staff is reminded often about the challenges of being the best. There are a lot of 'also rans' jumping into the fray of this expanding fitness arena. But since its inception, 1987, BSI has held true to its core focus: give the best service anywhere! The value of our service far exceeds the cost of our service!

Yes. Sometimes you come in and you don't know who is gonna train you. One thing for sure though, you are gonna receive our well renowned signature training experience! You can also be guaranteed that one of us will offer suggestions to 'tweak'  your technique. We will not be out serviced on the little things that matter: high quality service towards detail and attention to our clients.

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