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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Classic blogs from the BSI archives
(circa 2010)

My success is team oriented!
Years ago before I started my business I read A LOT of books on personal development and how to BE an entreprenuer....but one book that stands out in my mind and had the most significant impact was Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. A classic everyone should read. It was published back in the early 40's and is STILL in print in over 50 languages.
Running a business can be lonely. Our vision IS sometimes well, 'our' vision  and like a conductor I try to orchestrate a vision so others will follow! But there are times that you 'just don't know'. So I have collected the finest minds that are sharper than mine on matters that just vex the hell out of me at times! The book I mentioned earlier,  said a large part of success is surrounding yourself with people who know more than you or are better at some things you're not. Ford did it. Carnegie did it.Edison did it and Rockefeller did it and it worked out pretty well for them!  

I can say that my 'cabinet' has taught me well! And business has never been better and these special people deserve mentioning (the OZ's behind the curtain, so to speak!).....
  • Don Prior,President/Owner NSF COMPUTER, Ann Arbor
  • John Auschman, Director of Food/Beverage ,POLO FIELDS, Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti [Voted one of [the best brunches in Michigan. Extraordinary.]
  • Mark Phillips, BSI Mgr, Ypsilanti,MI
  • David Wolf, Obstetrics/Gynecologist and author, Trenton, MI
  • Shayna Accounting, Ann Arbor
  • Sabarras George, manager of MICHIGAN ATHLETIC CLUB AND SPARROW HOSPITAL HEALTH, Lansing, MI. The largest health club in Michigan

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