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Friday, October 3, 2014

and they don't even know it

Men train because we want to look strong and virile. It attracts attention and your clothes fit better. And not only is it the right thing to do, you just f e e l better! But the main reason that men don't know about why they train is just how healthy it is for your libido.

Training increases t-levels. The 'T' stands for testosterone. It is a male hormone, an actual natural steroid(that is why it is popular with athletes because of its rejuvenating effects, and also a banned steroid) that wanes after we turn 25 years of age. In fact, it is responsible for muscle growth, memory, and  more importantly, helps maintain the male sex drive. Whenever you see fitness magazines, somewhere on the cover there is a special column on sex. Typically the columns rave over the positive effects of how having muscle makes you look sexy and boosts T levels. When this happens NO2 levels also rise. NO2 stands for nitric oxide. This keeps the arteries of the blood vessels flexible thus improving blood flow and at the same time reducing blood pressure;think' natural' Cialis, Levitra etc. NO2 or NOX for short, is being hailed as the miracle drug for men that are lacking in the performance department and can be bought over the counter (otc). It typically comes in pill form and doesn't need a doctors script.
 However, I suggest trying some weight training to increase overall composite muscle on your frame first. Improve your eating habits too. If you are a smoker, that definitely will restrict blood flow! As usual see your doctor if your performance is lacking and the blood won't 'flow' like it's suppose to. What I'm saying is if you can't 'rise'  to the occasion then it could be a sign of coronary (heart) issues.So fellas who don't get a physical on a regular basis won't know if there levels are low unless your doctor test for low 'T' . 

Typically LT occurs in obese/overweight men, smokers and those diabetic predispositions.  If your doctor clears you for exercise, don't just get on a treadmill! Learn how to weight train. I mean a comprehensive program of basic strength training techniques that will ensure good muscle gain and fat loss.
The difference you feel in less than 3 months may not make you feel 25 again but I promise you the blood will flow much better and you will look at least 10 years younger or feel like it anyway!

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