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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

rigorous intraset meditation
I don't know about you but EVERYTIME I train, my attitude changes. Let me explain. When I was a competitive bodybuilder, I spent hours upon hours in the gym. I would zone out! I mean, 'don't bother me!'. If you did,  my response was typically a stare that lasted for a few seconds, then my training partner would suggest coming back when the session was over! That was eons ago but now, well, I'm kinda the same way, just not as nasty.

Cardinal rule in the gym is no interruptions during the inter-set[set to set] training. Even in my own training facility, when me and Mark are 'goin in' and there are no other clients around it is max out intense. Very therapeutic. It's our 'runners high'. I come to think of these moments as meditative. From set to set I can work some shit out in my head. I have my best ideas and problem solving during these sessions. So you don't always have to sit and stare at a candle or do yoga mantras. Sometimes your meditation can be rigorous and you will be surprised at what surfaces, especially the more intense the workout. Just think about it the next time you let out that last guttural yell!!

SIZE does matter 
an open letter to dudes trying to 'kip' right
Training with progressive resistance induces mucle hypertrophy[size]. Most training programs can be augmented so you don't get  'bulked' up especially if you are female. However, there are those programs that solely highlight one format of conditioning that just reduces muscle density causing a 'shredded' physique. However, as much as I like looking shredded or 'ripped' I want to sustain muscle size and symmetry. Modulating sets, reps and volumes are crucial for overall development. However, a majority of popular training programs are full of mulitple sets and reps with no real muscle shaping. Now, that's NOT a  bad thing at all; yet the physique lacks shape because the training environment lacks depth, i.e. no variety in engaging different forms of training loads. When technique variety is limited, training results will take longer and injuries will occur from the same stress put on the muscle, tendons,ligament and cartilage. This is called monotone training syndrome. There is no arguing you get results with the same daily training formula, but there will be diminshing returns in the quality of muscle you gain and you will not learn to adapt to new training methods. The idea of  training and conditioning is to impose multiple varying loads/technques to challenge your strength gains. 

I suggests that you learn how to do other standard lifts that will give you quality muscle. No matter whether you are male or female, having muscle is what burns calories even when you are NOT training! That's the secret to burning fat:having muscle. Again, we are not talking about bodybuilding muscle, but a muscle that has been put through the 'paces' of a good, technique enriched, functionally challenging training environment.

 Here are a few examples of other lifts to complement your group training regiment:
  • Narrow and wide grip chin/pull ups
  • Barrel dumbbell flys
  • Seated cable/rope rows
  • Decline dummbell flys
  • Heavy jump rope
  • Bent over lateral dumbbell flys
  • Squat thrust power shrugs
  • Focus dumbbell curls
  • Combo drills e.g. bench press+box jump+hang clean, or medicine ball spikes+corner pull ups+30 sec sprints{this is done consecutively 2x]
These are just a few examples. Training is designed to enhance the physique and during the training process EVERY muscle group gets loaded and trained in ALL planes of motion. This results in a symmetrical healthy robust physique.

But you play like one
I am not an athlete. I m a former athlete. Training does not make you an athlete. It can improve athleticism and make you 'look' like an athlete, but unless there are opponents, then athlete you are not. However, the rise in 'old' school games we played on the playground as kids is making a resurgence. Games like kickball, dodge ball, soccer, softball,basketball, softball,  for the weekend warrior are more and more popular.   In fact, I just read in the WALL STREET journal that there is a lumbar jack workout coming out[video or show] from the guys who do the lumbar jack competitions. I'm not making this up.

Adding play to your training regiment ensures that you never lose coordination, maintain agility,a great way to keep weight off, and it makes staying in shape fun and challenging. Adding play has a significant impact on ADL(activities of daily living) because it enhances opiates and endorphins in the brain and that's good because it's mood altering in a positive way. There have been so many studies on the impact exercise and play has on reducing the side effects of mild depression;the kind of depression that we call "being bummed out" but you don't know why. This type does not last long. If it does, then seek help. In fact, playing any sport that requires agility and reaction can improve task management and memory recall. In the words of the great Negro League pitcher Satchel Page: "We don't get old from playing, we stop playing when we get old."

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