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Thursday, October 23, 2014

'Bane' looking device improves 

The latest installment in the Batman series had the coolest and most formidabale villain in Bane. Great villain. But he had to wear a contraption on his nose and mouth that provided him with his extraordinary power. Well the TRAINING MASK 2.0(what mark is wearing above)kinda reminded me of Bane, and is designed for core resistance training and high altitude training. Mark tried it, and here are some of his comments:

Why did I buy it?
To see how training at different altitudes can effectively improve endurance.
What altitude was it at?
12,000 ft
What was I doing? (perform 3 sets each
  • Alternating  trunk curls 30 reps with 25 lbs dumbbells
  • Alternating rows 35lbs per side 50 reps
  • 15 back squats 25 lb plates each side  
  • 1 minute boxing
What did I feel?
The hear rate rapidly increase, the lungs expanding and fighting for more oxygen  which forced me to focus more on breathing

This is an excellent tool for improving the all too complex yet fascinating, breathing mechanics. The masks improves overall training in any sport to provide better breathing economy. When this happens performance improves significantly throughout ANY training endeavor.

The mask comes with instructions that include a simple lesson on breathing and CO2 functions and why and how the mask works. It includes a few simple exercises to acclimate you to using the mask. Mark used the mask during training for a more intense experience. Don't recommend this if your training intensity is low or you have other respiratory issues! Follow the instructions carefully! The mask has adjustable 'pieces' that allow you to simulate 3,000 to 18,000 altitude resistances. It is moderately priced at
My recommendation is that if you are consistently active or competitive this is a must have for one of the most underrated and misunderstood element in human performance.Breathing!

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