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Thursday, June 5, 2014


Several months ago my manager Mark and I hired the talents of Denver Rochon to record a series of videos that we were going to use on another education project. The project would take about 1 1/2 years to complete. The videos would be a library of our innovative training programs for power, sports, physique development, sports injury prevention/management, etc.  However, the videos are 'rough' drafts yet to be edited and refined.  Well, as I sat trying to determine what the theme of this blog would be I had a revelation. SHARE THOSE VIDEOS!!!. Eureka.SO I went back into the vault and discovered some innovative  lower body techniques.Now there is no narrative so I will have to put the salient features of this technique in writing on this blog.

Lets face it ANY leg work is, well WORK and can be arduous and at times boring. We don't do boring! So we think you will enjoy trying the techniques below. The first one is quite basic and the second one more advanced. Give'em a try!

I designed this movement to engage the trunk more with this squatting maneuver.
I love incorporating this into our BREATHTAKRZ class or when I am doing an aggressive 'drop' or 'negative' heavy set especially if I am doing front or back squats to alter recruiting patterns and ramp intensities. The 'burn' is intense! Typical sequence is 15-20/leg.

ROTATORY PIKE [intermediate-advanced] Who says you need a box to do plyometerics?! You don't need no stink'n box! This jumping technique is perfect for supplementing with ANY circuit.
Depending what I'm doing in my session I will do 10-20 total. AGAIN, this is great to supplement ANY circuit and challenge coordination of two core planes, reduce joint stress from repetitive box jumps or alternate this with box jumps.