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Saturday, May 3, 2014

The good, the bad and No secrets

27:The number of years I have been training teaching, motivating, innovating, rehabbing, lecturing, Twittering, FACEBOOKING, blooging etc. and I have seen so many changes in our field. Changes to improve fitness, reduce injury, look better, live longer, run faster, get leaner, drink this, eat that, go vegan, eat gluten-free!...Damn. In the words of Marvin, "makes you wanna holla".

However, the most enduring in the world of 'if you wanna be loved, stay young and beautiful' are our beloved celebrities. From Jackman to Johannson to Pitt, Fox(Jamie) to the entire 300 cast and Butler we are fascinated by how they keep in shape. They call their training programs 'secrets'*. I mean, I am often deluged with questions from clients and friends about the latest yoga, muscle building,fat stripping, body cleansing, anti-wrinkle concoctions the list is endless. We all want to live better.  A better quality of life is what we are going for. Yet, we are forever looking for that magic pill to get us what we want: the perfect body and the youthful feeling and focus we had before 'life' grabbed us shook us silly and convinced us we don't have time to take better care of ourselves so we look for the quickest and fastest way to get 'it' back. So whenever we see one of our fave movie stars looking leaner, meaner, sexier, happier when a few months ago they looked like they should be on Biggest Loser' we gotta know what did they do to get that body!

So instead of the serious technique laden blog I usually like to post, I thought it would be fun just to see how the 'other' side stays fit. SPECIAL NOTE: This article is for entertainment purposes ONLY. I do not endorse or suggest you try ANY of the diets I have described below! Proceed with caution if you do!

50 cent

50 cent buffed out50 cent gets thin50 cent has always been know for his bulk and ripped physique at 214. But for a recent movie, ALL THINGS FALL A PART  where he plays a frail shadow of a man that unsurfaced to portray a cancer stricken football star, made good use of the visual transformation. The physique of Mr. Jackson, prior to dropping weight drastically, was closely matching that of a toned football player. The stature held after his extreme diet left him looking, literally, like a suffering cancer patient, outwardly exuding the look of hardship, disease and a troubled future. The disheveled man created through this extreme crash-course to weight loss was exactly what was required by his role as Deon, suffering at the brink of his prime.

The huge amount of weight lost during the nine weeks of preparation for “All Things Fall Apart” consisted of a diet of nothing but liquids and exercise. 50 Cent’s choice of exercise was a daily three hour treadmill run. The end result was a tired, overworked, and undernourished actor who, himself, admitted to the toll taken on his morale, energy and temperament. Close friends, as is reflected by the report from DJ Envy, hold his arduous trial in high regard and make reference to 50 Cent’s dedication. His drive for exercise has been highlighted on numerous occasions during and after the transformation process. He would often take to the streets on ten mile runs whilst living on liquids only. Day in and day out for nine weeks he just kept going! The mental strength alone to continue such a regiment is something that not many people possess, and this openly admitted! 

The medical implementations of a liquid only diet do not necessarily fore-spell any negative health concerns. A liquid diet, provided adequate nutrients, vitamins and when necessary specialized supplements, can not only result in rapid weight loss, but also a rapid increase in the general overall well-being of your body. This being said, without a sufficient understanding of your required dietary needs, you could cause yourself heart damage, fatigue, dizziness and nausea through attempting the feat conquered by 50 Cent. Those that suffer diabetes or any insulin related conditions should never follow a liquid-only diet, no matter how rapid the onset of weight loss! 50 Cent has truly shown his resolve through this true embodiment of his chosen role. The results are rapid, jaw-dropping and even at times envied by fans looking to cut a few inches off their own waist size. The overall healthy condition of your body, all aspects taken into consideration, should always be your main concern. Extreme situations may call for extreme measures, however you should never put your body in harm’s way, no matter the reward!

Chris "Thor"Hemsworth

Look at those guns! Chris packed on some bulk, him through a total body circuit-training program to burn fat while maintaining lean muscle mass. The Aussie star admits the training was intense and extremely difficult at times because he was actually spending 12 hours a day shooting the movie Red Dawn while training for Thor. At the conclusion of the training program Hemsworth had packed on 20 lbs. of muscle in just 12 weeks.

If the workout wasn’t tough enough, Chris was put on a strict diet to feed his muscles and incinerate any excess body fat. The diet consisted of lean proteins like chicken and steak and clean carbohydrates such as rice and vegetables and a variety of fruits. The actor had to eat every few hours to keep his metabolism firing all day long. In the evenings Chris consumed protein shakes to maintain his muscle mass while he slept. The basis of this diet program was to provide Hemsworth with plenty of clean protein and carbohydrates to build muscle tissue. Chris also consumed a little more than a gallon of water each day.
iet program was to provide Hemsworth with plenty of clean protein and carbohydrates to build muscle tissue. Chris also consumed a little more than a gallon of water each day.If the workout wasn’t tough enough, Chris was put on a strict diet to feed his muscles and incinerate any excess body fat. The diet consisted of lean proteins like chicken and steak and clean carbohydrates such as rice and vegetables and a variety of fruits. The actor had to eat every few hours to keep his metabolism firing all day long. In the evenings Chris consumed protein shakes to maintain his muscle mass while he slept. 

Dwayne“The Rock” Johnson Rock' This guy has ALWAYS been my fave actor. Even when I found out he had lipo on his lower abs a long time ago. But his training program is basic straight up weight training. My kinda of guy who understands to  build a physique you gotta 'load'em up!!  His Eating is very normal and he has ' cheat' days of pizza and doughnuts!(thats' what I'm talking about! I do this one time a week myself). And he drinks much water. Normal stuff. Consistent. Dwayne's program is a good example of getting in the training on a frequent, progressive consistent basis. No secrets here!

Black-Widow-Iron-Man-2-workout trainingHer Iron Man 2 body-prepping workout program consisted of cardio-strength training circuits that were completed with minimal rest in between movements. This circuit style allowed the actress to build lean muscle mass and burn tons of body fat all at the same time. Some exercises that were used in the training included t-push ups, split squats, and flamingo extensions. Johansson also took part in explosive movements like squat jumps and jump lunges to increase her power and strength. She also included training methods like balance and coordination training, core conditioning and body weight exercises.

To assist in Johansson’s body fat reducing, lean muscle building progress the actress engaged in a clean eating diet. She made sure she took in a sufficient amount of calories each day to provide sustained energy and keep her hunger in check. Scarlett noted that during the training she was constantly eating meals that contained clean vegetables and lean proteins. Her meal frequency consisted of two to three hour rotations. The actress noted that she felt very strong and athletic on her eating program. Because of her fast body leaning results, there were multiple rumors growing that the actress took part in an extreme crash diet. However, Scarlett denies all reports of these rumors.
Again another sensible approach to a frequency of training that yields results. No secrets here!


Brad Pitt Fight ClubThe most important part of the Brad Pitt fight club diet is a very strict and consistent diet. eating 6 small meals per day that included a Whey Protein Powder drink and on occasion some low glycemic index protein bars, no other supplements were used by Pitt, the core of his nutrition came from real foods high in protein. Such as Chicken, Turkey, Fish, Lean Meats, Egg whites and low fat Cottage Cheese. Carbohydrates were very clean and included Wholewheats and Grains, fresh Greens, Oats and Rice Cakes, which were then tapered off in his last two meals of the day. Sample Breakfast: 6 egg whites, a bowl of oatmeal with raisins. Occasionally Brad replaced the egg whites with a low glycemic Protein Shake if his schedule was tight. Mid-morning snack: Canned Tuna fish in water Wholewheat Pitta Breads Lunch: 2 Chicken Breasts, 1 cup of Brown Rice or Pasta and green steamed veggies Mid-afternoon snack [Pre-Workout]: protein bar or Whey Protein Shake and a Banana Post Workout: Whey Protein Shake and a piece of fruit Dinner: Grilled fish or chicken, brown rice or pasta, vegetables, and salad. Evening Snack: Low glycemic Protein Shake or Low Fat Cottage Cheese


beyonce workout routineThe “Master Cleanse Diet” Though Beyonce was already a pretty fit celeb, she followed different eating habits then fasted to speed up the process of losing weight for the movie. This speedy transformation technique has had multiple names: the “Beyonce work out” diet, the “Maple Syrup Diet” and the “Lemonade Diet”. It’s most commonly known as the “Master Cleanse Diet” and Beyonce has proven that this quick weight loss was only for the movie. Her fitness and exercise program is only focused on regular works out in the gym to maintain a healthy body weight.If you want quick weight-loss results, the master cleanse diet is recommended to be done for a maximum of ten days. If you do it for more, you risk the breaking down of your intestinal cultures and mucus linings.

Let’s move on to the details of her  celebrity diet This is a 10-day detox diet of replacing solid foods with freshly squeezed organic lemon juice mixed in with grade B maple syrup, cayenne pepper and filtered water. You must drink this mixture about six to twelve times a day. You are sometimes allowed to drink salt water or herbal tea once a day and during the evenings, you can drink a laxative tea. You are able to lose weight within a short amount of time because since you are basically not taking in any calories. Some of the potential side effects include escalations of cravings, nausea, headaches, dizziness and irritability. As the toxins leave your body, your body reacts. Once those ten days are over, it is extremely essential that  you slowly bring back solid food into your diet.
Now this is a pretty aggressive approach. The caution is to not do this on a frequent basis. B's training program was not detailed so it is hard to determine what she is doing in the gym. Her weight  loss is based on her grueling schedule and movie/TV appearances. Nevertheless, muscle tissue has to be maintained or you will look gaunt and drab. Muscle gives the body frame symmetry and also facilitates fat combustion even when you are NOT training! This is the reason muscle density is so important for maximum muscle loss.


Hugh looking ripped and buffTo pack on the lean muscle while reducing the actor’s body fat percentage,  Hugh goes on a diet that consisted of unprocessed protein sources along with protein supplements to ensure proper muscle development. The actor consumed six or seven smaller meals a day to maintain a fast metabolism and provide him with plenty of energy and nutrients. Hugh’s typical diet schedule looked like this:
5:00am– Assorted nuts and berry combination
6:00-7:00 am- Protein Supplementation
8:00am– Protein Bar
10:00am- Turkey stir-fry with spinach, broccoli, mushrooms and cauliflower
1:00pm- Rosemary chicken with sugar snap peas and asparagus
4:00pm- Trail Mix with walnuts
6:00pm- Tuna Steak with broccoli or other green vegetables
10:00pm- Protein Shake

Do note that this was simply one example in the actor’s diet during the training program. A variety of foods were consumed to assist in the dramatic body transformation.

Jackman's training is aggressive yet basic and includes the typical combo bodybuilding and power lifting techniques to improve muscle density. Jackman implemented common multiple training techniques using dumbbells, kettle bells, chin-ups etc to prevent burn out. Normal dude workout!

Sooooooo..... I don't know what you expected but as you can see, there are NO stinking secrets! There is no fitness craze programs. Just gritty, sensible, disciplined regiment. But you know what makes them different from us? Motivation. Their motivation is financial. They have to stay fit especially actors/actresses whose roles depend on it. The celebrity scene is all based on look, attractiveness, sexiness, the allure. Its their job! Remember the controversy created when magazines covers were photo shopping the 'perfect' body on women's magazine? This seem to set the tone for how women should look. Fake! and non-sense. Then Abercrombie & Fitch got in trouble because the models were too young to look that sexy. Apparently they were underage models. 

So pick a program and stick to it. Quit being lazy with your commitment. Be a little bit harder on yourself, by promising yourself you will be better for the next 3 months. You can do it. I've seen happen thousands of times. Its not easy. Transformation is challenging especially if you are not used to being challenged. There is no immediate consequence to not taking care of yourself. Whereas an actor like Jackman HAS to stay in shape. Nothing worse than Wolverine looking like the Family Guy! So the consequence I'm sure is financial. Few of us have that burden! Then on the extreme end you have rapper 50 cent going stripping down to almost fatal weight loss. Why? Financial and obligation to fit a movie role. There's that motivation again. 

In closing, if you have a fave celebrity and you want to copy their training program be sure you following someone that matches your body type, and familiar looking exercises that you don't use Wiki-pedia to look up. The more exotic a program is, the more likely it won't fit into your idea of what type of body you want. If there is a secret, it would be, and I hate when magazines say 'secret', motivation. What is driving you to lose weight, get more muscle, greater stamina, what is driving you and then the climax: whats the end game for you? BAM! there's your secret. You. Its all about you and it is absolutely ok to honor yourself! I ain't preachy but I am surprised at the number of people I meet on a daily basis, in and outta my business, that don't know how to pat themselves on the back! Seriously! When people ask me how I'm doing I respond  'I'm doing good but don't worry I gonna get better' I love the reaction. Learn to be your own best fan! YOU the only one YOU got! Take better care of YOU. Focus man focus... be your 'own' celebrity. Pretend you got some 'carrot' on your stick. But do it. And do it NOW...The best of luck on your next audition!!