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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Today Mark and I wanted to do something to keep in the spirit of the Winter Olympics. We decided to show you the SLIDE BOARD. Slide boards have been around for a long time and I have used them every since I started my business 26 years ago.

Slide boards have been popular for ice athlete's  ie speed skating, hockey, overall conditioning, and rehabilitation especially for indoor training for quite sometime.  Later they found their way into physical therapy clinics. I have used them for ACL,ankle, knee and spine injuries. For sports performance I have used them to increase lateral power, anaerobic conditioning, upper body postural training, and series of trunk exercises.

Another element of the slide board is the ability to increase 'working' distance. So when you watch the video you will notice there is 'extra' slide board that Mark does not use, but you can lengthen it for greater lower leg demand. Again this fits with my training philosophy that every training tool needs layers of progression and challenge, if not, then the physique and conditioning will peak real fast

For the female that wants to improve lower leg symmetry and round out that 'rump' the slide board, jump rope and squats, in that order, are key for the 'look' that women want! (Ladies, you know what I'm talking about!!) Dudes, we added this to our power day by adding 45 second sprints...with a weight jacket! On some days when I'm sore or wanting a  'train different' cardio circuit I have gone 3 minutes on heavy bag with a 45 sec sprint on board with weight jacket or  holding15# dumbbells for every round of bag work, or  I will just sprint in 3 bouts of 5x45sec (yes, that's 15 sprints!) sprints interspersed with some trunk work during intraset transitions.

Check out the videos. You'll be inspired!

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