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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR.....Ok to set off 2014 training theme is 'sprinting'. In this video you will see two of our top junior athletes performing a 5-10-5 drill. We incorporate this drill for reaction to direction change. This is crucial for athlete's especially football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, just about any sport where direction change and 'first' step speed a must!  But we also just like adding it to training circuits or to an aggressive compound combination lifting series or anaerobic matrix where we add, 3 minutes of heavy bag work, 3 minutes on Versaclimber[substitute treadmill with progressive speed/incline and sprint for 45 sec] and Hang Cleans etc...Yup! I know its an odd mix but it reduces training overreaching, and keeps the training environment 'unpredictable'.

We will do 6x EVERY set. So if doing 4 do the math. I also want to emphasize that when we post these, training methods, they are to encourage you to augment your current training program. So if its crossfit, kettlebell series, Olympic lifts, it doesn't matter. All training programs can get boring and training output declines. By adding a simple element like sprinting, can be a game changer especially if you have a competitve training partner. ANY training modality you can utilize to provoke a conditioning response can only yield positive training session outcomes.


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