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Thursday, January 30, 2014


(My attorneys always reminding me to put in disclamiers!)

Ok. Lets get to it. This is a Ring row/press. We implement this on our heavy days. There is a tremendous strain on the spine and upper body. It is imperative that during the row portion, the 'ring' arm stays in adduction(close to body) with palms facing towards body midline. The rings need to be adjusted depending on height. You should allow enough room to do a full range row so the weight does NOT touch the floor.

Sets and reps is experience dependent. You know your training tolerance and target/range for reps. With this technique we caution AGAINST hi reps. This is merely another tool in which you achieve a lot with a 'little'.  Keep reps less than 10;this range will change if you pyramid or do 'drop' sets.

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