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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


When I was a competitive body builder one of my fave muscles to train was the triceps. It is comprised of  muscles on the medial and lateral borders on the back of the upper arm. It originates at the humerus and connects at the elbow via a span of fibrous tissue. When a triceps is well developed we call it a 'horsehoe' tri's!

The technique you see has progressions to it and requires a great deal of structural/postural stability. Pay special attention to the elbows and trunk. There are numerous 'traditional' triceps methods but this is an old technique I developed for extremely 'strict' triceps strength. We will combine this with chest, or compound lifts.

CAUTION: The lower you go on rope the harder the technique.  If you have ANY spine issues I caution against going down past 45 deg (using the ropes as a reference for 45deg)!!!!.

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