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Saturday, January 4, 2014

'I Remember them when....'
Hail to the Junior athlete!

There are a few times that I can't wait to blog about something. Today is one of those times. It is Saturday and we have junior athletes that come in throughout the morning. These young men and women deserve to be blogged about.......
In my 28 years, have trained some of the best athletes in the world. Yes. Its cool. Honor and privilege? No question! Challenging? Not really because they have reached the goal of being a professional or Olympic athlete and there are just minor tweaks, but training intensity and scope are still there. You have the micro-, meso-, and macro cyles. Periodizaton and restoration phases...etc, etc. Uhh. Yeah. However, one of the most fulfilling challenges is taking a junior athlete from 'ok' to extraordinary and watching that development over a period of time. We have trained athletes from 5th grade all the way up to college freshmen! Currently we have state champion soccer players,junior Olympians in track& field, softball phenoms, wrestlers  and football, baseball, basketball standouts. All these kids will definitely get scholarships.

Development of athletic performance is what we are known for and we do it extremely well. It is an honor however to take 'rough' young talent and transform them to the envy of their opponents, and every recruiters dream! To see a young athletes confidence rise from getting stronger, better, faster, and winning is something that reinforces that I made a good career choice!  Anyone who has heard my pep talk to a 10 year old will here me say something like this "I see you being the best at your sport even into college' . The look in there eyes is 'you mean me?!' and then I challenge them to make ME a believer.

Training at BSL is not easy. Its arduous. Demanding. Complex. Exhausting. Frustrating. Unpredictable. Evolving; especially when you are a student balancing the day to day of being a kid, keeping up the grades, practice, tons of homework, social life and oh yeah gotta go train! The demands of being a top scholar and athlete is not for the meek especially when the push to be the best is so pervasive and competitive. I have always believed in competition in all forms and we prepare our athletes better than anyone.

Yeah, professional athletes are cool, but you don't get a chance to see that genuine look of 'I did it!' that I see so often in a junior athlete. And the best part is when they notice the 'carry over' effect during actual competition and the coaches want to know what they did differently. They say: 'I Train Different!'

 Hail to the Junior athlete!

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