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Saturday, December 7, 2013

What a great way to segue into our LADIES COMPETE! ACADEMY here at the training mecca BODY SPECS ltd(formally 'Inc') in Ann Arbor, Mi by having these competitive ladies show how we train female athletes. Yes. We know women are 'different' when it comes to traininG.. Different in the way they respond to training. Done incorrectly a women's thighs can get too big, the upper body too bulky and because they are more flexible than dudes they are more prone to injury. That blew your mind because you thought flexibility prevented injuries. I did say "more flexible". So, yes, you can be too flexible at the 'wrong' time.  This program is a comprehensive training program for the female athlete. No matter what sport, age or level, we have the RIGHT program for you. So you say you are not a competitive athlete but, want to train like  one? Tired of the 'add water and stir' programs that do the same thing as everybody else. You know what I'm talking about. Then, LCA is for you

So as not to sound sexist, 'soft legs' is what we call the ladies and 'hard legs' refer to the gentlemen. The ladies in this video have led successful competitive careers as cyclist, runners and swimmers and have not only the experience and medals as proof of their competitive drive but are the 'chosen' ones letting me record them for their mobility, strength and stamina. They have been clients for a combined 7 years! By combining our signature training with their event training, has increased their performance dramatically.

This is a portion of an hour long training session with 4 sets of each technique with a varying degree of difficulty and tempo. The training occurred on same day. So if you are interested give us a call 734.827.2744 or email us at

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