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Saturday, December 14, 2013


LCA is a customized training program for female athletes. Females are inherently more flexible than males and are actually MORE prone to injury due to that fact!. For example, the ACL. The female ACL, in part, is protected by the hamstring muscle when ever the body must make sudden change in direction or when landing from a jump. The female ACL has a 'slow' ramp' up time which means it contracts slow and when that happens the tibia [lower leg bone] actually migrates too far forward which puts stress on the ACL.

If you think of the ACL as a thick rope (helical). It is  this 'braided' design that  provides joint stability and integrity. It is highly innervated(nerves) and has a blood supply that comes from the femur(thigh bone). Reconstructions of this ligament occur when it ruptures. Stretched or torn are rarely repaired. They are simply allowed to 'heal' as the ligament repairs itself since there is no compromise of blood supply.
LCA primary focus is not only elevating athletic performance but to address common injuries like the ACL. Developing strength programs that involve  eccentric loads in multiple directions is key.  So when we post the training videos in the coming months you will see how we do that.

In this video are two of the top softball players in the country going through our signature sports performance training cycle. Take note of the plyometeric and reaction drills.

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