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Monday, November 25, 2013

 Off The Chain..Finally. After26 years!
Some years ago when I started this enterprise, I did my share of workshops, publishing, lecturing and teaching. I had in my head that I should only 'share' my stuff with my clients and audiences. I did so in 'piece meal' fashion, because I was concerned that it would get copied and I or BSI would not receive the proper credit. (this has happened many times). This was W A Y before YOU TUBE.

 Thanks to YOU TUBE access to training programs is easier than ever. However, the techniques all look the same: hi reps, a lot of box jumps, endless chin ups/pull ups, over indulgence in Olympic lifts, etc. And the instructor is either someone who took a 3 day certification course or someone who trains a lot and proclaims themselves qualified because their experience is simply 'I love fitness and I wanna change peoples lives'. No Thanks.

Therefore I feel it incumbent upon me to  unleash my training style for all too see! You will be able to see many of our training techniques on  YOUTUTBE. NOW! There will be more uploaded throughout the coming months. This is just the start.  The footage will be raw, yet, clear enough to add to acclimate current training program. Enjoy.


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