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Saturday, October 19, 2013

part 2

High Frequency
part 2 of 2
The down side of a high training volume is the potential for overtraining. Since you're getting results the potential for overtraining is high;a real training conundrum because yor're 'amped' so you start intensifying the grind my doing  more, More, MOre, MORe and MORE!: More days. More reps.  More classes. More miles. etc. Then something happens........
Little 'snags and hags' I call them. Moments where you feel a little 'something' that just feels odd, but you blame it as a side effect of the epic mid thigh snatches, multiple box jumps, and thousands of exaggerated 'kips' and you think it will pass but it doesn't but you ignore it cause you ain't no sssiiiiSSYYYYY!

Then you notice restless sleep, decreased concentration, multiple joint pains, unusual weight loss[common due to erroneous eating programs at this frequency], and the ultimate " this sucks" is when your  training volume decreases and weight and reps have to be modified.

In my experience culled from years of clinical and practical applications of the science of sports and human performance I have cultivated an 'antidote' for preventing and treating the dreaded over training plateau syndrome:
  • Periodize. Periodize. Periodize!...Did I say periodize...??
  • Periodize means to alternate your high frequency with low frequency weeks. Best to think in weeks and not days
  • First signs of symptoms evaluate eating habits and do a self check of overall feeling and performance.
  • Get rid of the notion that if you rest [total cessation] for 48 hours your gains will be lost. I have one thing to say to this: Take my advice!
  • If you keep doing the s a m e technique e v e r y session.............Then, yes, you will ultimately fall prey to OT.
  • Are you consuming your 'natural' anti inflammatory? Dark greens, blue berries, brussel sprouts, kale etc?
  • If you start to 'guess'  the training script for the day, then, well, your doomed to be already headed for over training syndrome!

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