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Friday, May 3, 2013


As most of you know, cancer is represented by the color pink. The reason I mention this is because I had the fortunate opportunity to participate in the American Cancer Society's 2013 Michigan Softball Academy with team WTKA 950AM a.k.a. "The Dream Team". I have never seen such a sea of positive, strong, powerful and encouraging group of individual all wearing pink.

This was two and a half hours of learning the basics of softball from the Michigan softball coaches and players. I walked onto the field with the other WTKA team and about 200 other individuals all in pink. I'm not talking about a little pink shirt here an there, but any and everything you could image that could be pink was pink. This included hair, nails, socks, shorts, Zorro type masks and capes with the logo "Power of Pink" on them and shoes. Not only was there a variety of pink out on the field, but an variety of individuals of all shapes, sizes and abilities. However there was one common denominator among us all: that was to raise money to BEAT cancer!

After gathering on the field for a a group picture, we all spread out to begin warm-up's. I couldn't stop smiling, I had goosebumps forming on me and the thought of the movie "A league of their own" entered my mind. How lucky I was to be participating in this event. Not only, were all of the coaches helpful and encouraging but everyone else around me too. I learned how to throw a softball, catch a fly ball, , hit a ball, run bases and my favorite, how to slide into base. Not to bad for an individual who has never played softball and had to borrow a mitt from my friend, Kyle, thanks again Kyle. I can honestly say, I have learned the basics of softball. But more than that, I have seen the "Power of Pink" in action. How a color invokes such a response to so many individuals, to get up and do more than they though might have been possible. From team registrations for this event alone, over $63,000 dollars were raised. WTKA raised a total of $8,740.

It is said that a group is more powerful than individuals. I think when you encompass the Power of Pink is infinitely more powerful. I will be back next year in not only a blaze of pink, but with greater donations and maybe my own mitt;) GO PINK!!! 

Thanks again to WTKA for this opportunity! You all are the best!

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