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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Regret weighs tons...discipline weighs ounces 

I know I have not blogged in awhile. Apologies. I write when I have something worthy to say instead of 'fitness and health ALL the time. There is more to life than staying in the gym, running marathons, eating right, etc. A perfect segue into regrets. Just to set-it off I'll start by saying, I regret not blogging more!

My clients lead interesting lives. Throughout our crazy week at the training mecca, I here all kinds of stories. Sad. Salacious. Hilarious. Boring. Action-drama filled. Relationship dramas[my fave]. Financial woes/happiness[my fave especially the happiness part]. Weight loss/gain anecdotes. Wins/losses. I mean the list is endless. And as I listen I can pick out parts of conversations that reveal something unique about that person. It's usually an admirable/noble  quality that makes me admire that person even more. Cool. More jolting is at the moment I here something I define as a nobel quality I  ask my self 'Would I have done or said that. My mentor said to me many years ago 'Skip, life is a collection of experiences and their intensities. Lack of discipline can cause regret and heighten those intensities' 

 Discipline  is the antidote for regret in my humble opinion.. The discipline to do what it takes to get the results you want or achieve the goal you committed to.  Many times our clients have shown lack of discipline and wonder why they are not getting results. Now it sounds like I'm 'casting stones' but I 'm guilty too. "Listen to me carefully, but don't watch me to closely" is my motto! I 'm working at it just as hard to stay disciplined and lessen the regret.

Things I USE to regret
  •  I could have studied harder in high school/undergraduate
  • I could have been better informed on matters financial and political
  • I could have made better business decisions
  • Could have spoken less and listened more
  • Could have been more generous
  • Could have spoken up more
  • Could have went the extra mile and effort
  • Could have joined more protest in causes I believed in
  • Could have gotten on more planes. The business deals that suffered. Damn!...
  • Could have spoken less harshly
  • Could have talked to more people
  • Could gone to more charity events
  • Could have apologized sooner than later
  • Could have yelled less
  • Could have learned more history[my wife is brilliant here as is my son. I envy and impressed at the same time]
  • Could have learned to build things
  • Could have shopped less...........naw. take that one back!
  • Could have inititated sooner
 So yes. This blog was meant to be a bit more serious than my previous blog. There are times we need  more mental reps! 

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