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Saturday, February 9, 2013

...when we go H.A.M.!

YEAH. You know how it goes. You geting your grind on in the gym but it just seems to be missing something. You pushing mad weight. Intensity is epic. Its 'different and hard know....and the muscle-tearing pump is tenacious, but there is something that just ain't right!!.............ahhhhhh .The tunes is missing. Yeah the tunes baby

Look, I was a competitive bodybuilder, but that was long ago and I'm 51 now and there are times I just don't 'wanna', but the right 'jam' will just set the training mood right. The clean and jerks are perfect. The squats bottom-out just right. The rep range is high, and its loud!

My training team, the Friday elite, knows I talk much s$%t when we sling heavy weight. It purges me! I feel sooooo much better. Arnold said pumping iron is better than sex, well even though he is still my all time fave bodybuilder, I gotta disagree with you on that, Arnold! But the feeling is undescribeable when the intensity is high. And this aint no boot camp type training high either. That is too predictable. I'm talking bout plate rumbling, 'I feel like I'm gonna pass out on this next rep' intensity! Of course this format is not for everybody. I introduce old school bodybuilding techniques and formats that are arduous and predate the current popular programs that do not possess that familiar bodybuilding grind.

At BSI we have an abundance of training permutations, physique development formats, aerobic and anaerobic environments. However, there are days that I go retro H.A.M.! Those days are when the music is blasting, the plates is rumbl'n, the grunts are pleas for the madness to end, but we don't stop till the music stop and I got me some PANDORA!!..... MOVE OUT THE WAAAAAYYYY

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