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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Three words my clients hate to hear:'We go'in heavy' and two words they love to hear: 'Sessions over!', but there is much that happens before they hear those famous words that have become the trade mark of BSI. Yet, the one thing that my clients and I agree on is that a good training partner is indispensable.  

Having a training partner redefines 'your' accountability i.e. quit talking about it and be about it! Having a partner increases the work intensity BEFORE you even lift a single weight or begin the first mile! The psychology is simple: we ALL need a little encouragement: 'nice job', 'you got this', '2, 3, 4 more!' 'Great session!' and my fave 'damn, you getting stronger'!

So what are the traits of a good partner? After 25 years and numerous training partners, the following I have found to be 'true' characteristics of a good training partner:
  • Shows up....ON time!
  • Positive
  • Likes taking the intensity up at the RIGHT TIME!
  • Consistent
  • Knows to keep casual conversation minimal
  • Knows how to prepare ie. proper warm up, training sequence etc
  • Knows when and where to 'spot' your lifts
  • Knows technique well enough to know when it is done incorrectly
  • Wants to learn and introduce new training formats
  • No need to compete, i.e. what we call 'circus lifting' : lifting just to see if you can lift something heavy versus training to that goal.
  • Trains legs!
  • Understands when to periodize training to prevent overreaching[over training] and plateaus
  • Return weights to there proper place when done
 There are times that you have to go at it alone. Those can be the most daunting training days, especially when you want to get in an aggressive training session. However, you may just have to re-calibrate your training intensity to 85% from 100% just for this one day! No matter what, you must admit that having a good training partner can be the difference between losing a few pounds to having an incredible physique. Get a training partner if you don't have one. It will change your training tempo in ways you may not thought were possible.

CAUTION: Be sure that your fitness levels are compatible! Nothing worse than having an inexperienced overzealous partner who 'pushes' too hard too soon.

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