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Thursday, February 7, 2013

there is 'no-way' you can be serious about your training if you are NOT doing this...
Sorry been gone. Should have left you with more to read! Thanks for your patience.
Anyway, my staff is often asked about the best recovery drinks or food to consume after we have put our award winning training 'smack down' on em. What follows is a little basic science why it is important to consume a recovery drink or food.

The key reason we train is to not only lose weight, but to build muscle that gives us that god or goddess like profile that others envy; especially when you go to the beach! However, when training intensely, there are chemical reactions taking place that will actually work against your quest to attain that muscular sinewy physique. Enter: the recovery drink. Recovery drinks :

  • Reduce side effect of muscle catabolism[breakdown]
  • Improves recovery after a training session if consumed within 45-60 minutes.
  • Reduce DOMS[delayed onset of muscle soreness].
  • Helps maintain immune system by lowering blood cortisol levels. These levels rise during training. Cortisol levels can manipulate the body's ability to fight infection and foreign material.
The most common mistake regarding muscle recovery and retention is that you need to consume these irrational amounts of protein. THIS IS NOT TRUE!  Research has demonstrated time and again that the combination of both protein AND carbohydrates are essential at maintaining muscle and having an anabolic[muscle building]/retention effect. 

Ladies, muscle building is for you too! We know this is still a common misperception among women, that if they lift weights they will get 'bulky'. This is simply unfounded gossip,yet, it is the main cause for ineffective weight loss: the exclusion of resistance [weight training] training. Not adding muscle training to your regiment is a  common cause of sarcopenia[muscle wasting] which can lead to osteoporosis. Besides, the worse thing a women can do is look too thin yet absolutely have NO lean muscle tissue that provides the physique or shape! The idea of training, especially for women, is to enhance the physique without looking emaciated and sacrificing the feminine look that makes you look like a women. We see this a lot in the running community.

I mentioned recovery drinks. My favorites are 
  • Muscle Pharm [MP] Recon. This is my fave because it contains BCAA[branched chain amino acids] which constitute 35% of essential amino acids in muscle protein and are required for protein synthesis. Key in opposing muscle catabolism [muscle degradation].
  • Endurox[does NOT contain BCAA but taste a bit better than MUSCLE PHARM
So you don't want to purchase a recovery drink? Then try the following instead:
  • low fat chocolate milk[highly recommended for the young athlete that is training/practicing more than 3-5 days/week]
  • yogurt
  • Chia seeds
  • banana
  • Turkey sandwich
  • Homemade smoothie. Handful blueberries, wheat germ, yogurt, banana, low fat milk, OJ. YUM!
These are excellent alternatives, but I suggest for the person training more than four [4] times a week, to use a recovery drink like MP which is best consumed within 45-60 minutes of post training. I have found these drinks to be more convenient especially if you are away from home. I have even added chia seeds to mine for added* anti-oxidants impact to help reduce joint and muscle inflammation.

One of the most important factors regarding muscle retention is diabetes prevention. Loss of muscle mass increases the risk of developing glucose intolerance and diabetes, because muscle is the main 'disposeal' site for glucose. Increasing muscle mass could improve glucose tolerance and insulin resistance, and may be an important strategy for combating the prevalence of age related diabetes.

So when you're training hard for 60, 90 minutes or more, treat the body right and reward yourself with the proper intake of a recovery drink so you can continue to increase your training intensity without the symptoms of training plateaus, reduced immune function and increased joint discomfort.

*I consume, Omega 3 fish oil, Krill, and multi-vitamins along with a wide variety of foods from meats to vegetables to dairy to seafood to  a wide variety of ethnic foods. It is important to have a 'collaborative' health plan that maintains good immune function and reduce soft tissue and arterial inflammation

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