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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

R  U  S  H  !
Zipline in eXotica

The last day in paradise we went to PIIHOLO ZIPLINE Makowa town, Hawaii. There we met two really cool cats, Alika and Grant. Awesome guides through some impressive vistas.
But the coolest thing was when we approached the 'launch' site there was a rainbow. Earlier I was being cynical about rainbows because they are EVERYWHERE here. BUT! what made this rainbow siting super cool at Piiholo was I was staring at the end of it. You know? Where the pot of gold is supposed to be! My mind blown. Right?!...(no bling or that Luck Charm mascot)!

Anyway, zipping was outta site! We launched from tree top octagon shaped platforms. Due to stiff winds and rain the trees swayed adding a level of adrenaline dump when you are on a slippery moving surface! Nevertheless, the lines were fast, the guides competent and funny, the experience one to be remembered for a long time.....

Special thanks to Greg Rose, and my incredible family, US3. To the new friends I made, Mahalo, til we meet again!

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