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Friday, December 21, 2012

but we won't stop...
I am proud to announce that upon my return to the mainlands, that BODY SPECS INC received THE BEST OF ANN ARBOR. award!!!  Right?! How cool is that? Previous recipients have been Merrill Lynch, Best Buy, Edward Jones, Shell Gas Co, ZipCar, INC. magazine  and even Trump Palace! (BSI is in good company)

Edie, Mark, Randy, Kyle and Joan we deserve this! My staff puts up with my demanding moods as we work tirelessly to provide the best service anywhere. They are also the most patient, coolest bunch of people I have the pleasure to be around. And they make me laugh when they mock me and my quirky eccentric ways!  This award is PROOF that we don't take you, the customer, for granted. And it is further proof of what I have been saying all along for 25 years; we are excellent at what we do. But don't worry, we're working on getting better!!!

This award won't go to our heads and don't expect us to change! But we will be in the 'clouds' for a little while and our bloated heads my get in the way, but then it's  back to work as usual.
There is much that goes on behind the scenes at the training mecca. We are like those swans on that pond in front of our facility: Gliding effortlessly on top of water but underwater OUR feet are moving non-stop! This award has been earned.

To the best clients a business can have, THANK YOU for your undying loyalty, referrals and support. You make us work hard EVERYDAY...(cue Rocky theme)

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  1. Awesome, I have always known you are the best from the first time I saw you doing "your" thing! No one comes close! So proud to be your wife. US3