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Saturday, December 1, 2012

habits I love...But..
We just finished a brutal training session today. The group I like to  call the 'elite'  (Mark, Sam, Gerald and John)are a tough group. We experiment with new techniques and training sequences. The intensity is NOT for the meek. Anyhow, the topic of 'habits that are hard to break' came up. Foods we just can't get enough of...BUT because we're all grown we find ways to manage those cravings. Fave craves that I like to call manageable HABITS....
  1. Old Amish Farm licorice..... sorta like eating smooth cherry ice cream with a little bit of 'dammmn'(pardon me Amish folks). Twizzlers. Naw.
  2. Fried ANYTHING! Especially chicken....NO. Not KFC but the kind you soak in buttermilk, sugar and salt...WHOA! almost gave way secrets!
  3. ANY fast food fries....OH. I'm the only one in 1 billion sold that does't crave those crispy stix of grease?!
  4. Peanut M&Ms.. and are those commercials the S#$t or what?!
  5. McCallan 12, 18, 24, 30....close to heaven as you gonna get. If you gotta ask what McCallan is then...
  6. Hagen Daz....what else is there to say EXCEPT  Dove ice cream with the chocolate ganache shell topping your spoon gotta bust through before you reach the creamy vanilla 'crack'!
  7. ANYTHING by  Calder's Diary...Their chocolate milk is unlike anything on this planet. If you haven't tried it, be prepared to become addicted... Oh yeah. Stay away from ANY flavor of their ice cream too!!
  8. Doritos. YES. Doritos.
  9. Boynton sodas...America company. The pop is JUST good. Better than your commercial brands and that includes JONES which I also love
  10. Frozen Snickers bites....those little squares of delight at the right time; one is all you need. Unfrozen just as good.
  11. ..and who can resist THE doughnut....Doms. Made fresh and in walking distance from my house. Just about every Sunday morning. 
What I'm saying is it's perfectly normal to want to enjoy such ''habits'. Notice I said 'enjoy' . Not indulge. If you identify foods to be 'bad' then you will be more apt to be drawn to THAT food.( chomp. chomp.) Instead, notice the amount or servings you consume or JUST DON'T BUY it if you aren't strong enough to restrain yourself from the pantry. 
I like eating these fun foods, but I also like salmon, brussle sprouts, egg plant, a good steak, whole grain/flax seed bread, Shredded Wheat cereal soy milk etc. You get the picture.....B A L A N C E and M O D E R A T I O N 

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