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Monday, November 26, 2012

 ITS that time of year where BSI reaches out to help disadvantaged familes this holiday season. So in conjunction with WTKA1050 and Sam Webb checkout what we want YOUR help with...

 It is called the Magic of Christmas Adopt A Child Program which is to help many disadvantaged families in the Ann Arbor, Saline, and Ypsilanti areas! 

To participate, drop off donation: $50-$100 at BSI. 
Make checks out to:
Pledge what you can. Size of donation is up to you! You can drop of your donations at BODY SPECS.
Deaadline for donations: MONDAY DECEMBER 9

Thank you in advance for your generous contributions!!

'As long as the day lasts, let's give it all we've got'
-David o. Mckay

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

how we do it.....everyday
 I was contemplating what my next blog should be about. 25 years gives me a lot of choices. But Mark, our manager, suggested scribing about our days at the training mecca: BODY SPECS INC. Sorta a day in the life of what we do.  I relented at first, then thought, Mark, thats a good idea....

OUR day starts at 630am. Most of you often kid me by asking 'do I stay awake making this stuff up?' I have. Any business wants to keep their customers happy. Not us. We want our customers to be EXTREMELY happy! Lets face it. Having a personal trainer is a luxury. I mean when it comes down to cost cutting we know we're gonna be on the chopping block as a non-necessity. (we don't have a chance against cable and utility bills!) The goal is to design a 'training experience' that you can't do without. In other words, we want to be a necessity! I tell my staff to ask often themselves 'why would I train at BSI?' More importantly, 'are we providing more value than the cost of our service?' That has been and continues to be our trademark and core business philosophy of Body Specs since 1986.

Some of our clients range from fit, to not so fit, injury rehab, sports performance, total knee, 8-10 year old soccer players, ACL reconstruction, bad spine, race preparation, D1,2,3 bound athletes, the list is endless. Really.  Endless. I remember treating a kayaker who was navigating across the Great Lakes for Finlandia Vodka. I mean he was actually in route. Heard about BSI from a friend who drove him by. Who knew? Right!?{gotta a million stories like that}. Anyhow I wanted our business to be a training facility where no matter who walked through our doors they would not be turned away no matter what their current physical status is and that is where our work begins.You would be surprised at some of the clients we turn away and who leave. The ones we turn away are those who have a 3 week goal to fit into a wedding dress! Uhhhhh. No. The other category are referrals who want to do it but don't realize how demanding the work is. WE warned them it is not for everybody. But they are adamant until they realize this is NOT a typical training program!  Refund. And thanks for choosing BSI!

Many of you have seen me go to my podium just prior to a session. Often times it is to book clients or to get an idea who is coming in next or my agenda for the day. I won't bore you with the behind the scenes stuff, there is a lot that goes on that our clients don't know about ie. marketing plans, state of the business, client review, projects, continuing education, blah blah blah. The analogy I like to use is a duck moving across a pond. Above water the duck glides effortlessly while underwater the feet are moving at feverish pace!....I digress. Back to the podium: I keep a 'cheat' sheet called MFC2 (my fave combo circuits). These are techniques I record once we have designed a combination of training modes that we can apply to any client. Hey. It's labor intensive training you all. It can be exhaustive making sure we stay 'fresh' for every client that walks through that door till we close up for the evening. And of course there is our signature BREATHTAKEZ. The genesis of this form of anaerobic training was to counter the boring aerobic classes that did not work for producing long lasting physique changes. You call it crossfit. But the key difference is that we would expose you to different 'stresses' and energy demands. Again, this is our trademark of providing a TRAIN DIFFERENT environment for our bold members that keep us working hard every class. Hats off to Randy, Edie and Mark.

Depending on when you come in you may be our 12th, 18th or 25th client. So imagine doing 25 motivational presentations in one day! We have to be 'on' ALL the time. My staff knows I can be demanding in this regard and are well up to the task. Our reputation is staked on it. So if you see a blank or poundering look on our faces we are trying to disengage a previous client to prepare for YOU!  or we're thinking: 1. 'can you do this, 2. is it safe, 3 how many reps, 4. have you done this before and is it time to increase the level of difficulty, and I gotta eat something, etc

Because we study and strive to deliver the kind of service other competitors envy,  more often than not we are compared to other popular programs such as P90x cCrossfit,(for more on that see 'encore' blog that was written several months ago) or Insanity. Yes. It annoys me! . The science of training is well documented. Many of you may not know that everything we do in our training facility is researched based. NOT based off of 'well I train a lot so I know what I m talking about'. nor do we follow the latest fad or trendWe have seen clients who have been to those trainers. And its not pretty.  When I would give workshops at other gyms I was stunned at the amount of incompetence and lack of innovation especially when it came to knowing what training techniques had the highest potential for injury. More importantly is knowing what to do if a client is 'struggling' with a technique; what to substitue to still get the training effect you want.

There are 'true' training professionals who operate facilities like ours who understand that you cannot train everyone the same way. Programs must be progressive and upgraded as you get stronger. And if you are an athlete then those programs are more specialized. We pride ourselves on having formal educations in these matters along with years of clinical orthopedic/sports performance experience. Anyone who has been in a p90x,crossfit, insanity program will attest our programs are far more challenging. The common response is 'I thought I was in batter shape'. That is all I will say on this topic. The rest you can judge based on your experience with us!

 There is more I could say about what is it like being a trainer at BSI but it would be long, emotional, and boring with some dramas of deceit, betrayal and espionage (love that word)!  In fact, until just a few seconds ago I was going to make this part 1 of 2. I have said enough though. Experience has taught me that I should tell the world what I plan to do but first show it.  I Think I've done that, and there is more to show...........Sessions over!

PS: To our current clients this was dedicated to you for  your patience, support and great referrals. You give us a reason to be better at what we do everyday. To stay ahead on the latest in fitness, sports performance and sports injury management is our commitment to you.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The most 
exercise for 
speed, cardio and 

I have been in this business long enough to see many fads and trends;There are those who 'do it' but don't 'know it'. The 'it' of course being training. But when it comes to coordination in training I am not surprised by the lack of attention it receives in many training programs. Coordination in training is erroneously left out of muscle building and cardio programs. But my fave for improving coordination, speed and cardiovascular fitness: the jump rope!

I have blathered on about the advantage of lo tech v. hi tech training techniques. Obviously  I put the jump rope in the lo tech category. However, rope jumping can have postiive implications on your weight loss and overall training regiment. You can take it anywhere, do it anywhere, and work on a multitude of coordination patterns. Its a great supplement as an interset training tool.  In fact, research bears it out that adding cardio during a weight training program increases weight loss and Vo2 efficency.

I mean you could have an 'epic' hardcore weight training sequence with 2-5 minute jump rope added in there! Yup. I am often shocked at the number of people who don't jump rope especially when they ask me for basic coordination or speed training tips. When I say 'jump rope' the response is typically " I haven't jumped rope since..."And to the ladies, especially, who ask "how can I improve my my legs/hips/butt"? My answer is of course jumping rope. Now, before I get 'yeah but what about squats and stuff ?' I am not saying to exclude those I am suggesting adding the jump rope as an alternate when you want a different 'feel' and look(ladies) for leg symmetry and cardiovascular impact.

Jumping rope does several things:
  • Teaches coordination and timing
  • Can be challenging especially when you learn different patterns to engage entire planes of motion for the leg
  • Engages ALL the proprioceptors(tiny receptors that sense direction change)from the hip to the ankle
  • Great interset technique when doing training combinations e.g. dead lift, chin ups, 2 min heavy bag and 2 minute JUMP ROPE!. Do this 3x each and it changes the tempo and intensity of training!
  • Great for enhancing speed since there needs to be a certain amount of 'stiffness' at toe-off when accelerating. Jumping rope improves this reflex
  • Portable and cheap
  • Also a great 'what to do when I am not at BSI and on vacation?' exercise.  For example, it would look like this: push-up{your choice of technique}, 2 min jump rope, core technique{your choice of technique. I'm just say'n!
 So if you are looking for ANOTHER way to improve your training add the jump rope. Its as simple as that. And don't even get me started on heavy-rope training....