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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Beautiful day for a run!

Taper week, and carbo loading, done. Clothes set out, done. Multiple alarms set, up, dressed and out the door, done. Parking, done. Multiple trips to the porta-jons, done. Find my place in the coral, done. Watch turned on, done. Grove with the music, done. The gun goes off and away we go. Beginning the 35th annual Detroit Free Press races, done.

The environment was electrified with the runners all around, spectators cheering us on, the coolness of the dark morning, the race was there for us to conquer. As we ran over the Ambassador Bridge, the sun began to rise and I took a moment to enjoy it and felt so blessed. Now in Canada, a friend, I hadn't seen in a couple of years, turns and says "hello". When asked, he said "heard me" versus seen me. It was great seeing and catching up with him. We wished each other luck and continued on our race. As we finish our "underwater mile" Detroit welcomed us back into the country enthusiastically. Continuing through the streets of Detroit, watching my pace, smiling and thanking the spectators, I realized that, as I turn onto Michigan Ave, I only had a mile to go. I "think" I see the finish line, so I pick up my pace. "Oh man" it's not the finish, "oh well, keep running" and I did. Now, I see the finish line, thank goodness. Not forgetting to smile, I cross the finish line.

Medal, check. Post race food and meeting up with loved ones, check. Now stretch and continue to smile for  the day I was blessed with. What a GREAT day.

I want to send out a big CONGRATULATIONS to all of those who participated in the 35th Free press Detroit festival of races. I know that all of your training payed off and that you enjoyed the race. So now the big question is "What's next"?


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