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Sunday, September 23, 2012

OH SH@#$%^TTTT!!!!

Training in a facility like ours you will often here expressions of strain and effort. What you may not know is that  strain is called the guttural yell and is well researched phenomenon in sports performance.

This 'yell' is common in all sports. It is well documented that this vociferous training partner can be the difference in generating a powerful tennis serve to clean and jerking 5x your body weight! The mechanisms are not quite clear accept that it provokes a biochemical release of epinephrine and adrenaline. As you know these endogenous steroid like chemicals induce power and acceleration within seconds:The 'HULK' effect. Unfortunately, this form of yelling is deemed so barbaric and intimidating behavior in some  'gym' chains that you may be asked to leave![wtf!] This is to keep the hard core heavy lifters away(hardcore is the ONLY way to go; gets the physique to change by YOUR will and force of your intensity. So keep yelling!}. Anyway to further discourage 'the' yell, these gyms will not rack any more than 50lb dumbbells and limited weight plates. The thinking is you cannot go super heavy with a 50lb dumbbell or limited plates to even elicit a whimper! (wimps)  Nevertheless if you feel the need to get a little extra to finish out a set, rep or serve: YELL!!!  It can make that much difference: GO HARD OR GO HOME!!!