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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


 It is no secret that my favorite clients to train are kids. They possess untapped potential and I love the challenge of creating a budding All-American! I have trained many professional and Olympic caliber athletes. But to take a kid who is always picked last, or always being cut from his favorite sport, and instill a confidence they did not know existed and combine that with new and improved coordination skill sets is what makes this the best job a guy like me could have! We like winners especially those who deserve it; With that being said, read my 'guidelines' to ensure your child isn't the kid getting picked last!!

I have assessed, treated and managed many sport related orthopedic injury. There is a population of athlete that deserves mentioning. The pre- adolescent  and adolescent athlete.

There are many parents that enroll their kids in summer sports camp. Often these camps schedule hour upon hour of sports drills. Camps like these are important to sharpen skill development and improve motor reactions. Unfortunately, because of the frequency and intensity of the camp format, injuries happen. Typically the injuries are seen by an athletic trainer with minimal experience in adolescent injuries. They are vastly different than adult injuries.  

Before you send your son or daughter off to one of these camps, I would recommend the following:
  1. Sign up your kid to attend a sports performance training facility a month before a camp starts. This will ensure the trainer can detect injury pre-dispositions, and train the athlete so the risk of injury is reduced and your kid[s] will enjoy the camp experience .
  2. Check performance. Just because you send your kids to camp doesn't  mean they will improve. I think that is why they attend so many! However, you should see significant improvement in performance when they return so be sure they are competing with others during the summer to engram their skills.
  3. More is not better. I know its hard to grasp, but they ARE kids. In my experience, no matter HOW skilled the young athlete they would like a break to go to a slumber party, camp out, etc without thinking about going to practice at 9am! Anybody who knows me will say "Skip thinks kids are soft today". And they would be right, however, I am a father with a unique perspective on what the 'training grind' can do to young budding talent. It is OK to let the kids play!!
  4. Eating. Good luck. There is no guarantee that your kids are going to eat Subways when they are away. Teach them quick and tasty alternatives. The logic in this case is that if the kids are going to being playing all day, then they will burn it off. True. But those habits come home when the activity is not so frequent!!!  Go to a cool web site called NUTRITIOUS DISH WITH KYLE. Contact them for advice on a sports performance eating plan for your son or daughter. Its affordable and you will learn a lot yourself about healthy eating for an active lifestyle!
Body Specs offers sports performance training for kids from 8 years of age. So whether you hire us or someone else be sure they have the qualifications and experience working with common adolescent sports injuries. There are common pre-dispositions in every sport and your trainer should know them and how to prevent and manage them. 

We offer our popular BREATHTAKERZ sports performance camp for 5th to 12th graders. We will announcing our camps in the coming months so stayed tuned!!