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Friday, April 6, 2012

Why Not?
If you had told me in January that I would be signing up to race a trail half marathon I would have told you, you were dehydrated and needed medical attention! But guess what...I will be in on the next month or so.

To prepare for the Tuff Mudder, I had to train, you guessed it, in mud, up hills, over rocks and all with questionable footing. At first I wasn't to keen about it, but then I came to love it and despise payment. Zera and I completed 10 miles on the Poto, last weekend, and although challenging, it was great fun. Which lead me to thinking: "what's and additional three more miles"?

I realized my whole racing career in triathlon began because someone said to me "why not". I was training for my first marathon in 2000 with Team in Training and my sister asked me to do a triathlon with her. "A what? I can't do that"! Well, I am so glad she convinced me to try it because I loved it!!! Thus, my 12 years of triathlon racing. Thanks Sis! When I was asked to participate in the Tuff Mudder, with some of the most empowered people I know, in addition to raising funds for vets, I decided "why not".

So the next time someone asks you to try something new, of course being legal, think about it. Don't just say "no". Challenge yourself, give it a try, you may love it. If not you can say you did it and it just wasn't your thing. Who knows maybe one day I will ask Ellen if I can join her during one of her 50 mile races. Okay now that's really a stretch! Go get'em Ellen!


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