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Monday, April 16, 2012


Well, all I can say is our training truly carried over in this incredible event in Sandusky,OH at  Elmherst Quarry! Our team was able to negotiate all obstacles effortlessly. This is not to say the course was easy. It was not. We however were well prepared and trained. It showed. I was more proud of the group than myself. It was a vindication of how we teach and train at the MECCA, or commonly known as BSI!

 The Mudder organization ran smooth as silk. The course was daunting enough to challenge balance, strength, mental stamina, stability, patience and most of all teamwork!The day was perfect and the hype surrounding the start was well orchestrated and hyped just right. There were a few injuries but nothing serious enough to not see our group get to the finish line. There were 11 of us. After each obstacle we waited till all team members were accounted for then preceded to the next. This not only served as a confidence booster but kept morale high. We finished the course in 3hrs 40 minutes  (+/- 5 min). The Mudder advertised completion time 3-4 hours. We concurred that if we DID NOT wait for each other at the obstacle our time would have been better. However, this was not our intent to have a better time, but complete it TOGETHER. We did!

To see more go to our page. I would highly recommend this race. Especially if you like physical challenges. It had something for everybody.

  • Sherman
  • Mcpherson
  • Nobel
  • Rose
  • Prior
  • Anderson
  • Palmer
  • Jeruzel
  • Brian
  • Gary
  • Myself

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