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Saturday, April 7, 2012

original post Dec 2011
about to see how tough I really am!
For years I have prepared athletes for competition. I have watched our clients excel and perform at levels THEY did n't think possible. The greatest feeling for me is to see such achievement. Well the time has come for me, Skip Bunton, founder of BSI to step up my game. I've spoken and trained many now its time for me to see what the field of competition is like after being away from it so long!

have always been impressed at how our training inspires people to compete. As much as I love studying the science of performance, I myself have always wondered 'how good is our training?'. I mean athletes will tell us how much better they perform on the field of competition after a few months of TRAIN DIFFERENT! Well, I will find out for myself how good the training is on April 14 in Sandusky, OH and the famous TOUGH MUDDER!. A grueling 25 obstacle course that is approximately 12 miles long. The obstacles reminds me of my training environments I have designed over the 26 years in the business.

A client, who is a 'tough mother' himself, invited me and I jumped at the chance to train......myself and others who are a part of a team! Edie and Mark will be part of our team of course. And I invite other BSI clients to take this worthy field of battle since a portion of the enrollment fee goes to support our vets. Another reason I couldn't  say no.

So in closing I want to think all my clients past and present for inspiring me.  Yes. Even though I dish it out, and you all take it, I am absolutely awed by your 'true grit! Now my time has come..........

'Man the f@#k up!'
just about any dude

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