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Saturday, April 28, 2012


"Mile eight, five more to go, oh mannn. I'm tired and have had enough" and down I go! Tripped over a root, landed on my right knee and both palms. Stunned, I quickly got up, continued to run knowing that I had to change my negative thinking and regain a positive focus.

We all loose focus sometime's, not only during races, but in life too. We get side tracked with negativity, pain, what others are doing, and what we wish we were doing. When we change our focus, our views of things change too, mine included.

Instead of thinking four more miles, ugh, I had changed my focus to "tomorrow at this time I won't be here. I need to enjoy this, as much as possible, be in the hear and now".
As an athlete, I always want to place in the top of my age group. At the same time, I have to remind myself that, this is a new challenge for me and all I need to do is my best. Granted my legs were having other ideas. "just walk" they were saying. However, the brain knew better, saying "if you walk, it will take you longer in addition to having the difficulty of running again".

Three miles to go, "I can do this". Two miles to go, "get serious" of course I had been. Last mile, "really can it be"? I heard the music, the announcer, then it got quite again...ugh "just keep running". But then the wooden bridge, people cheering, and the final hill. As I ran up the hill, another female was in my sights, "this is it, you have to do it". I had been giving it all I had for the full 13 miles, but I was going to finish as strong as I could. As I gained on her, she began to walk and I passed her and finished. I don't know what happened or why she decided to walk. I can only guess that she had lost her focus.

If you lose your focus, the important thing is that you regain it and continue on. With my new focus I finished the race in an 8th place for my age group and 30th overall female. I will have a stronger and positive focus for the next race, watch out!

See what you can do when you change your negative thoughts for a more positive focus.

CONGRATULATIONS to Julie Copley who finished 3rd in her age group 24th overall female, Zera Anderson who finished 5th in her age group and 25th overall female and to Katie Talik for going out there and getting it done! Lastly a great big THANKS to Ellen Rowe for not only volunteering on Saturday but taking 1st place in her age group during the trail marathon!!! Way to go Ellen.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

What a Team!

As most of you know, a few of us from BSI participated in a team "challenge" called the Tuff Mudder on Sunday. I have never really participated in a team sport. This was a first for me. I would like to share with you that not only was the "challenge" amazing, but the BSI team was a force to be reckoned with.

As the name indicates, it was muddy. In addition to the mud, there was electric shock, heights, walls, monkey bars, ice, water, 11.5 miles of running and, did I mention, mud. I feel that this race not only hit on the strengths of each of the team members it also identified weakness. Of course, since training at BSI these weaknesses were minimal at best. With that being said, the point is, it made a stronger team. It was great to see my team members not only help each other but others on the course.

Yeah sure, some were faster, some were stronger and yet others had the combination of both, but as we checked off each of the miles and the obstacles that went along with the miles, we still continued to work as a team and best of all, we finished as a team.  I was proud to be part of team "TBD". Additionally, I would feel privileged to be on a team with any or all of those individuals again.

I will share with you that even after a shower there was still mud in my ear. Today I seem to be more colorful due to bumps and bruises that are surfacing. As I locate another bruise, scrape and clumps of mud, I can't help but smile thinking about how I obtained them.

Now, find your own "challenge" and get out there and do it!

Monday, April 16, 2012


Well, all I can say is our training truly carried over in this incredible event in Sandusky,OH at  Elmherst Quarry! Our team was able to negotiate all obstacles effortlessly. This is not to say the course was easy. It was not. We however were well prepared and trained. It showed. I was more proud of the group than myself. It was a vindication of how we teach and train at the MECCA, or commonly known as BSI!

 The Mudder organization ran smooth as silk. The course was daunting enough to challenge balance, strength, mental stamina, stability, patience and most of all teamwork!The day was perfect and the hype surrounding the start was well orchestrated and hyped just right. There were a few injuries but nothing serious enough to not see our group get to the finish line. There were 11 of us. After each obstacle we waited till all team members were accounted for then preceded to the next. This not only served as a confidence booster but kept morale high. We finished the course in 3hrs 40 minutes  (+/- 5 min). The Mudder advertised completion time 3-4 hours. We concurred that if we DID NOT wait for each other at the obstacle our time would have been better. However, this was not our intent to have a better time, but complete it TOGETHER. We did!

To see more go to our page. I would highly recommend this race. Especially if you like physical challenges. It had something for everybody.

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

original post Dec 2011
about to see how tough I really am!
For years I have prepared athletes for competition. I have watched our clients excel and perform at levels THEY did n't think possible. The greatest feeling for me is to see such achievement. Well the time has come for me, Skip Bunton, founder of BSI to step up my game. I've spoken and trained many now its time for me to see what the field of competition is like after being away from it so long!

have always been impressed at how our training inspires people to compete. As much as I love studying the science of performance, I myself have always wondered 'how good is our training?'. I mean athletes will tell us how much better they perform on the field of competition after a few months of TRAIN DIFFERENT! Well, I will find out for myself how good the training is on April 14 in Sandusky, OH and the famous TOUGH MUDDER!. A grueling 25 obstacle course that is approximately 12 miles long. The obstacles reminds me of my training environments I have designed over the 26 years in the business.

A client, who is a 'tough mother' himself, invited me and I jumped at the chance to train......myself and others who are a part of a team! Edie and Mark will be part of our team of course. And I invite other BSI clients to take this worthy field of battle since a portion of the enrollment fee goes to support our vets. Another reason I couldn't  say no.

So in closing I want to think all my clients past and present for inspiring me.  Yes. Even though I dish it out, and you all take it, I am absolutely awed by your 'true grit! Now my time has come..........

'Man the f@#k up!'
just about any dude

Friday, April 6, 2012

Why Not?
If you had told me in January that I would be signing up to race a trail half marathon I would have told you, you were dehydrated and needed medical attention! But guess what...I will be in on the next month or so.

To prepare for the Tuff Mudder, I had to train, you guessed it, in mud, up hills, over rocks and all with questionable footing. At first I wasn't to keen about it, but then I came to love it and despise payment. Zera and I completed 10 miles on the Poto, last weekend, and although challenging, it was great fun. Which lead me to thinking: "what's and additional three more miles"?

I realized my whole racing career in triathlon began because someone said to me "why not". I was training for my first marathon in 2000 with Team in Training and my sister asked me to do a triathlon with her. "A what? I can't do that"! Well, I am so glad she convinced me to try it because I loved it!!! Thus, my 12 years of triathlon racing. Thanks Sis! When I was asked to participate in the Tuff Mudder, with some of the most empowered people I know, in addition to raising funds for vets, I decided "why not".

So the next time someone asks you to try something new, of course being legal, think about it. Don't just say "no". Challenge yourself, give it a try, you may love it. If not you can say you did it and it just wasn't your thing. Who knows maybe one day I will ask Ellen if I can join her during one of her 50 mile races. Okay now that's really a stretch! Go get'em Ellen!