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Saturday, March 3, 2012

From the staff
Training by Heart Rate!

For those of you who  have seen me train or trained with me, know that I wear my heart rate monitor religiously. 'Why ?' you ask.  Basically it allows me to monitor my current training intensity. There are five different heart rate zones. They vary from easy warm up to what feels like "I'm going to die". These zones vary between 50% to 100% by increments of 10%, according to your maximum heart rate. I feel that it is important to train in the different zones for several reasons:

  • It prevents injury.
  • it keeps training interesting.
  •  Each zone is used to target a certain training effort for a certain amount of time. The body and heart can only train at a sub-maximum level for a limited time e.g. world class athletes.

I know that I will be preaching to the choir for those of you who already use heart rate monitors, but for those of you who don't, you might want to consider training with one for the following reasons:
  1. Everyone's heart, beats at different levels during the same training effort.  
  2. The old formula of 220 minus your age is NOT accurate. Nor are those tables and graphs you see on various cardiac machines, but if you use this formula account for +/-  5 beats.
  3. The maximum heart rate doesn't change because you age. It changes because of your fitness level. You will have the same maximum heart rate in your 20's as you do in your 50's. The more conditioned you are, the more challenging it is to reach your sub-maximum heart rate.
  4. With improved fitness, you will be able to sustain training in the higher intensity zone for a longer period. Additionally, you will notice that your heart rate will drop quicker, thus allowing you to recover quicker. 
As a certified trainer in Heart Zones I can identify your sub-maximum heart rate. If you are interested in identifying your sub-maximum heart rate, contact me to set up an hour long appointment. After you have completed a 20 minute treadmill test, you will receive information with all of the heart rate zones, caloric output and much more.

Don't delay! Contact me today to set up an appointment to identify your sub-maximum heart rate.  Mention you read this blog and receive $5 off your appointment!


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