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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Upgrade YOUR Supplements!!

Taking supplements are a important part of my health plan. I have found supplements to be crucial for an active lifestyle especially in our business. What we do  at BSI is labor intensive. We are teaching and customizing every session 5 days a week, 12hours a day and this does not include classes . We also are designing and innovating to keep your training fresh and challenging. So it can take a toll. 

Therefore, below are supplements that are crucial for daily living designed especially for recovery, maintaining the bodies reparative and  protective capabilities. The company, that in  my opinion makes the finest in supplements, is LIFE EXTENSION.  For those of you that are BSI members, you may have seen the LE periodicals on our book shelves. Great customer service, products, and I love their periodicals that are well referenced and researched. Now you don't expect to 'buy' into all of it. I don't. But more than 99% of what they've published coincides with my other subscriptions to medical and health journals and validates what I have  learned, and been taught by the premire RD, Kyle Bunton!

We will be selling these at BSI. These are the highest quality vitamins/supplements on the market. So if you are looking for a good supplement look no further..we got'em!.......We will be adding more inventory in the coming months.


Life Extension Two-Per-Day 120  Capsules
One -a-day" supplements provide very low potencies. In response to requests for a science-based multi-inutrient, a special formula was compounded to provide the greatest potencies that can be contained in two tablets. When compared to conventional "one-a-day" products, Life Extension Two-Per-Day contains up to 50 times more potency!

Few consumers realize that commercial supplements often contain the cheapest 
form of nutrients that don't provide optimal benefits. For example, the 30 IU of synthetic vitamin E contained in Centrum® may provide relatively little vitamin E to the bloodstream. 

The 100 IU of natural vitamin E contained in Two-Per-Day thus provides over 3 times more vitamin E activity than does Centrum®.Life Extension Two-Per-Day Capsules provide much higher potencies of key nutrients and represent a better value than many commercial brands.

This supplement is not new. Been on the market a long time. It is considered a 'superfood' .When you read what it contains, you will see why. I have used Chia periodically and I really notice the difference in endurance and stamina. A 'must' if your training frequency is high ( BREATHTAKERZ!) and you want to stay a healthy warrior!


Tiny seeds; giant power
A 16 oz puch of Wealth Warrior chia seeds is he equivalent
  • Omega 3’s of 10lbs of Salmomn
  • Magnesium of 15lbs of Broccoli
  • Protein of 4lbs of oatameal
  • Antioxidant of 2lbs of blueberries
  • Calcium in 4lbs of milk

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