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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Not just for kids!

For those of you following this blog, you know that some of us are preparing for a race called the Tough Mudder. In preparation for this race not only do you need to build up your running endurance, but also train for various obstacles. It's easy to train for these various obstacles at BSI, however it's another story when you are away from BSI. What is a tough mudder to do? I will tell you, locate a playground! 

During my various runs I have re-discovered playgrounds. They provide an excellent training area. I have now found myself  searching them out and planning my runs around them. I forgot how much fun they really can be. I'm normally the type of person that just wants to run and "get it over with". Due to the nature of this upcoming race I know that in order for me to be successful I have to train differently which means stopping the run to climb, jump, balance or hop over something I wouldn't normally do. I now have found myself looking forward to stopping the run to "play"! 

During your next run, locate something, anything, to climb, jump, or hop on just for the fun of it. Do it just because you can and see how it feels to break the steady pace of running.


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