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Sunday, December 11, 2011

really cool 'thrill seeker' type stuff!

I have gone trick flying,  bungee jumped from 130 feet and rock climbed.  I don't think I have the 'thrill seeker' gene; at least I don't think so. But I am drawn to 'breathtaking' endeavors I'd like to try; things that make my heart beat fast when I see it. I am taking up snow boarding this winter though, cause that Shaun White is a beast and I know how challenging it is! He makes it look easy(no 1/2 pipe 720's here!) but more importantly it looks fun! There are so many 'adrenaline dumping' things I would like to do. Some are down right frightening like getting in a shark cage so you can experience what I call the 'Jaws' affect and some no so, but look soooo cool to try that I though I'd share them with you all..

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