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Friday, December 23, 2011

 How to prevent 5 of the most common injuries 
to young athletes and why they should train FIRST!
My greatest joy at being a professional trainer is training junior athletes. Our expertise is teaching new motor skills to these wide eyed future superstars! The most important of our jobs with this unique population is addressing not only improving agility, strength, and reaction times etc but increasing the reduction of injuries!
The rise in adolescent injury is in large part due to an increase sport involvement in kids of all ages;both boys and girls. Parents and coaches are to blame for not knowing or understanding the importance of preparation through prevention. Training and conditioning can begin as soon as 8 years old. The young athletes body is susceptible to certain injuries due to the lack of structural and muscle maturity. In short: their still growing! A well designed and calibrated training program can do wonders for improving confidence and overall performance!

Adolescent training requires a keen understanding of common injuries that occur at this age. Come back when I discuss the 5 most common injuries in young athletes and how to prevent them and what to do when you can't!

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