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Sunday, October 9, 2011 PART ONE

When I was a competitive bodybuilder in the earlier eighties, there were not many fitness or training magazines that instructed you on how to get fit, bigger muscles, get faster etc. About the later 80's saw an explosion of fitness magazines for men and women. Then the internet...

It was not long that you began to see fitness magazines (which were quite conservative showing two bodies, usually male and female simply on the cover just posing)change to where you would see models in seductive poses or topics announcing the best technique for improving sexual prowess. When you look at any magazine or TV commercial you don't know if they are selling a subscription to PLAYBOY OR HUSTLER (you know what I'm talking about..remember Cher and Sheena Easton in those Bally comercials?!)

All Im a saying is if you need to feel sexy or look sexy there is no doubt that having a great physique helps. Women like a man that is confident, men feel that having a muscular physique gives them confidence. Women know that men are visual beings (very true) thus the endess hours of training, classses and The whole point is this: DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE! There are no new profound techniques or training secret that is going to make you feel sexy or make you more sexual. There are OTHER books and magazines that can give better advice than MENS JOURNAL, COSMO, MUSCLE AND FITNESS OR ELLE!

Continued on SEX part 2


  1. Fitness magazines are now more about sex. You can see it from the covers of themselves.

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  2. Mathieu, you might be implying that their viewpoint in sexual relationships is skewed and immoral, but let me put it bluntly- people are sexual creatures. It is in their nature to sparingly submit to libido and appreciate it. Besides, it's not like they're parading naked women on their covers or pages; they're only discussing them.

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