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Thursday, January 26, 2012

SEX.....part 2

Continuing my discussion there are sound medical reasons on how staying healthy can IMPROVE sexual performance and improve overalll libido:

1. TESTOSTERONE SURGE: Numerous studies have proven that the more muscle,the more testosterone which means less fat. Since fat has a blood supply it can be 'detoured' from where the blood should be going which is to establish a stronger erection. Hence, supplements like EXTENZE, CIALIS, VIAGRA... basically, these increase nitric oxide that makes the arteries walls more flexible allowing more blood to flow.

And on a serious note if you have trouble getting an erection [erectile dysfunction] then that means that you can be at risk for a myocardial infarction: HEART ATTACK!!!..So men if you find that you are using supplements to stay sexually active then get to your doctor right away for a heart check up.

2.CARDIO. Obviously. The more conditioned the heart is the better night you will have!!

3.BETTER THAN DRUGS. Sex more than 3 times a week has shown to improve moods, better relations and overall good moods..but we know that.

4.ANITOXIDANTS: This term gets overused. But having healthy arteries by eating fruits, veggies and red wine and fishe, not only reduces 'bad cholesterol' but significantly improves and sustains the blood pipes!

In conclusion, keep the fat off by weight training, do your cardio, eat your fruit and veggetables and if you have been doing this and you stil can't 'get it up' see your doctor right away....but if you follow all these tips then you can 'BARRY WHITE' all night long!!


  1. I agree with the article. If you eat with proper diet and do good and proper exercises, all systems in the body will surely function well. Physical aspects, emotional and psychological ones will surely interact with each other giving a more acceptable results. Thus, making your body healthy and fit will also give you a better sexual performance.

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  2. I could not agree more. It is proven effective. Exercise has been the key to a healthier life. So if you exercise everyday, your system will surely function well including your sexual desire and performance.

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  3. This is the reason why some fat people could not achieve full erection due to the fact that fats block the flow of blood which is needed to achieve such erection. So, exercise really helps.


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  5. I would also add that adding zinc to your diet improves performance and virility.

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