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Sunday, October 9, 2011


....Well a digital library with our fave TRAINING COMBOS AND SPORTS PERFORMANCE TECHNIQUES! This is being done with the help of my assistant manager and apprentice, Mark Phillips who will be recoding your training sessions. Specifically, he will capture a technique being executed, about 20 secs.

Also coming on the scene is a program called FITOCRACY this is a very cool site for charting your fitness progress. It is a site that makes a 'game' or compeition of your fitness conquests! I think I have reached the pinnacle of respect of my peers and members so that if I endorse it then its worthy of attention. FITOCRACY I endorse. More to follow on how to sign up and stuff...and its FREE!!

THIS IS a moment to mention that I have biggest brains in IT helping me. Two VERY talented 'bit heads' Prior and Johnson. My mentors encouraged me to surround myself with people that are brighter than myself. I have done that. There are many things I am good at besides being the greatest trainer I know: shooting before I aim(ask Edie!) and skating on thin ice. So like Cher told Nick Cage 'SNAP OUT OF IT' these two along with Edie have 'snapped' me many times!

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements as we build our digital library for your access anytime and anywhere! I will NEVER cease my quest to deliver the best service anywhere or to be the greatest training mecca in the area! Your involvement and support is why I will not let you down!

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