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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This is a classic post that was written a few years ago by my manager Edie, who is an accompolished triathlete/runner/manager! IT addresses a problem that confronts ALL athletes....


You've just finished your biggest race of the season. The race that you spent countless hours of planning, training and sacrificing to do your best. Elated at crossing the finish line, friends and family celebrate with you and your accomplishment. The day was everything you thought it would be. Now several days later you have this odd feeling in the pit of your stomach. Thoughts run through your head "what do I do now"? When you were training for your race, your life had a clear and defined purpose. All of the hoopla, planning and training is over and you now have this "lost" feeling. Believe me, you are not alone with this feeling. Most endurance athletes experience this feeling called Post Race Depression (PRD).

Now that you know what you are feeling, lets discuss what you can do to deal with these feelings. They are normal and the first step is to accept them. By acknowledging these feelings it will help them to pass more quickly. If you try to suppress these feeling and jump back into training too quickly it may affect your performance physically as well as mentally. You need to listen to your body and mind regarding these feelings. Allow this break from the high intense training you've been putting yourself through. While you are experiencing these feelings you may think that they'll never go away, however keep in mind that they can last three weeks or more. If they are lasting longer, please contact a professional.

After accepting your feelings, the second thing to do is...all of those things you weren't able to do while you were training. Make plans to get together with friends, a date with your significant other or family. Just relax by reading, getting a massage, take yoga, some extra rest, eat healthy and enjoy not having a goal.

By taking this break, it will help you to stay balanced and get you mentally and physically ready to prepare for the next race. This break will not only help you to say grounded but also help to keep your family members sane from your crazy training schedule.

Enjoy the break, you deserve it!

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