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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

 MFC2,My Favorite Combo Circuits..YOU DO NOT want to miss this!! Our innovation in motion!!

are so pervasive in fitness/combat training/
sports performance/muscle toning/sports injury management
that we will
show you how original our techniques are.
'NO WAY' you say? Just wait.............

LADIES CHOICE..Our female clients often tell us their fave training technique. So we will share with you what they are so 
you can implement them in your training program!

BARBELL COMBOS...We have some challenging barbell combinations that are great for augmenting a 'stale' program. Wait till you see what we do with a barbell and a box!...

SHOWING OFF...we will have a montage of videos of our original class REPSSM AND BREATHTAKERZSM
(We promise this will not be 'Crossfit or boot camp copy cat!)

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