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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Welcome to our blog. Please take some time to peruse and feel free to contact us with questions or comment. To our current clients who have witnessed the new look evolve we hope we made you proud!s [keep it purposeful!].

My mission with this blog is to educate and inform. I will cover topics ranging from sports injury prevention, food, sports performance and just about anything that is related to helping you be a better human...from a healthy perspective! Our staff is diverse and possess at minimum Bachelors degrees in the allied health field and at most Masters degrees in sports injury management and exercise science.

I am continuing education provider for ACE, NASM, USAT and NSCA. I have over 24 years of experience in the teaching and lecturing on the topic of sports performance and sports injury prevention management. I just published my first training manual and DVD for runners entitled.:RETURN TO EXTRAORDINARY PERFORMANCE: THE RUNNER.
We are NOT a PT clinic, but we are the alternative when traditional PT methods 'plateau'. Our background in sports orthopedic injury also provides methods for a successful return to sport.

What makes our training facility uniquely qualified to provide not only the finest training programs anywhere [voted top 100 trainers by Mens Journal 2 years in a row] but it allows us to design innovative injury prevention programs, discuss post and pre-surgical situations how to best rehab them and of course, what we are known for, is our original training environments and original class formats. We dare you to find a class, 'boot camp or otherwise, that has the intensity and originality we bring! We double dog dare ya!!...Our Saturday class is an absolute 'Beast'!! [WARNING: this class is not recommended for beginners]

Finally, I look forward to serving you in the future. Check back frequently to see whats new with BSI and in the training world. Thank you for your time!



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